Worldwide institutional rankings in econometrics: 1989-1995

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This paper updates Hall's (1987, Econometric Theory 3, 171-194; 1990, Econometric Theory 6, 1-16) rankings of academic institutions by publication activity in econometrics over the period 1989-1995. Fifteen leading international journals that publish econometrics articles are used to provide the database. The rankings are based on standardized page counts of articles published in these journals over the stated period. Separate rankings are provided for theoretical contributions in econometrics and for all contributions in econometrics. An "Econometricians' Hall of Fame" is developed listing the top 100 individual producers of theoretical econometrics and all contributions in econometrics research in the 15 journals considered. Separate rankings are also provided both for institutions and for individuals according to all econometrics publication activity in Econometrica, Econometric Theory, and Journal of Econometrics.

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