Women in Geotechnical Engineering: Issues and Prospects

Research output: Book/Report/EssayCommissioned report


This proposal is for a two day conference/workshop at the National Science Foundation, Washington,D.C. June 5-6, 1989. The twelve primary participants are women active in geotechnical engineering, and with the exception of a few women not attending, represent the total female Ph.D. population in geotechnical engineering in the U.S. The goals of this workshop are to: Examine the state of inequality in women representation in civil engineering in general and geotechnical in paticular, and its relationship with the general issue of women in science and engineering. Analyze the underlying factors responsible for the low degree of representation and high distribution of women at undergraduate and graduate levels in geotechnical engineering, respectively. Analyze what women are doing and what women can do to reverse this state of affairs. Bring out the unique perspective of professional women engineers successfully engaged in a wide variety of graduate teaching and research. Propose working models for federal agencies as well as academic institutions to solve the problem at hand. A report of the conference proceedings will be produced.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Commissioning bodyNational Science foundatio=
StatePublished - 1990


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