The impacts of sustainable practices on affordable housing developments: Residents’ perspectives

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Many areas in the USA are facing housing crises, and state and local governments are responding by funding affordable housing that is also green and energy efficient. The US Green Building Council (USGBC) has advocated for expanded access to the benefits of healthy, efficient, and affordable housing (USGBC in Green affordable homes: valuing healthy and efficient housing for all, 2012). Considering the financial benefits and positive physical changes that green housing can offer people facing financial difficulties, sustainable interventions are imperative. This research assumes that residents in green low-income housing experience a variety of financial and physical benefits and examines their perceptions of those benefits and their experiences with them; this is, to date, a topic that has not yet been systematically researched. While sustainability rating systems may contribute to increasing our understanding of building and community-related environmental issues, they do not address users’ perspectives or residents of the surrounding communities. A survey was conducted of residents of various LEED or Energy Star-certified affordable housing and the communities surrounding them in the state of New York. This research found that the residents, overall, perceived positive improvements in their lives as a result of sustainable practices, as compared to their previous living conditions, and did not experience discomfort or negative impacts from their daily use. However, the impact of the financial savings was perceived as mild. The findings of this research will be beneficial for architects, builders, and developers of sustainable affordable housing who seek to understand users’ perspectives and thus enhance sustainable practices to bring stronger impacts to residents of sustainable housing developments.

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  • Residents’ perspectives on sustainable interventions
  • Sustainable affordable housing
  • Sustainable practices and interventions

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