Solvatothermal chemistry of organically-templated vanadium fluorides and oxyfluorides

Paul DeBurgomaster, Wayne Ouellette, Hongxue Liu, Charles J. O'Connor, Gordon T. Yee, Jon Zubieta

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The solvatothermal reactions of V2O5, the appropriate organoamine and HF in the temperature range 100-180 °C yielded a series of vanadium fluorides and oxyfluorides. The compounds [NH4][H3N(CH2)2NH3][VF6] (1) and [H3N(CH2)2NH3][VF5(H2O)] (2) contain mononuclear V(III) anions, while [H3N(CH2)2NH2(CH2)2NH3]2 [VF5(H2O)]2[VOF4(H2O)] (3) exhibits both V(IV) and V(III) mononuclear anions. Both compound 4, [H3NCH2(C6H4)CH2NH3][VOF4]·H2O (4·H2O) and compound 5, [HN(C2H4)3NH][V2O2F6 (H2O)2] (5) contain binuclear anions constructed from edge-sharing V(IV) octahedra. In contrast, [H3N(CH2)2NH2(CH2)2NH3]2[V4O4F14(H2O)2], (6) exhibits a tetranuclear unit of edge- and corner-sharing V(IV) octahedra. Compound 7, [H3N(CH2)2NH2][VF5], contains chains of corner-sharing {VIVF6} octahedra, while [H2N(C2H4)2NH2]3[V4F17O]·1.5H2O (8·1.5H2O) is two-dimensional with a layer of V(III) and V(IV) octahedra in an edge- and corner-sharing arrangement. In the case of [H3N(CH2)2NH3][V2O6] (9), there was no fluoride incorporation, and the {V2 O6}n2 n - anion is a one-dimensional chain of corner-sharing V(V) tetrahedra.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1102-1113
Number of pages12
JournalInorganica Chimica Acta
Issue number6
StatePublished - Apr 5 2010


  • Solvatothermal synthesis
  • Vanadium fluorides
  • Vanadium oxyfluorides

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