Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Catalytic Converter

Jeongmin Ahn (Inventor), Thomas S. Welles (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


A dual chamber solid oxide fuel cell integrated into the exhaust stream of an internal combustion engine, in which engine exhaust gases are routed to the anode of a tubular solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) and heated secondary air is supplied to the cathode of the SOFC. The secondary air supply is heated using the existing engine temperature and exhaust gas temperature through a heat exchanger formed by a modified cylinder head and exhaust manifold. The dual chamber solid oxide fuel provides the necessary hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide scrubbing to achieve mandatory catalytic conversion for vehicle operation. In addition, the dual chamber solid oxide fuel cell is capable of generating sufficient electrical power for the vehicle. Omission of conventional catalytic convertors and alternators allows for improved efficiency and fuel economy of the internal combustion engine.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Patent number11,101,482
Priority date1/31/18
Filing date1/30/19
StateAccepted/In press - Feb 13 2020


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