Soil nitrogen status 8 years after whole-tree clear-cutting

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Nitrogen losses from the forest floor at the site, the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, New Hampshire, were lower than predictions based on previous research. The mean forest floor nitrogen pool was 17% lower 8 yr after clear-cutting of the site (P = 0.18). Predictions based on chronosequence studies suggest that 25-40% of the forest floor nitrogen would be lost after 8 yr. Mechanical disturbance during logging may play a role in limiting short-term nitrogen losses. Carbon was preferentially lost from soil organic matter, relative to nitrogen, resulting in significant decreases in the C/N and C / organic matter ratios in the soil. The N / organic matter ratio was generally unchanged. Nitrogen losses can be limited after clear-cutting by minimizing organic matter losses and promoting rapid regrowth. -from Author

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StatePublished - 1995


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