Semi-Supervised Graph Ultra-Sparsifier Using Reweighted ℓ1Optimization

Jiayu Li, Tianyun Zhang, Shengmin Jin, Reza Zafarani

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Graph representation learning with the family of graph convolution networks (GCN) provides powerful tools for prediction on graphs. As graphs grow with more edges, the GCN family suffers from sub-optimal generalization performance due to task-irrelevant connections. Recent studies solve this problem by using graph sparsification in neural networks. However, graph sparsification cannot generate ultra-sparse graphs while simultaneously maintaining the performance of the GCN family. To address this problem, we propose Graph Ultra-sparsifier, a semi-supervised graph sparsifier with dynamically-updated regularization terms based on the graph convolution. The graph ultra-sparsifier can generate ultra-sparse graphs while maintaining the performance of the GCN family with the ultra-sparse graphs as inputs. In the experiments, when compared to the state-of-the-art graph sparsifiers, our graph ultra-sparsifier generates ultra-sparse graphs and these ultra-sparse graphs can be used as inputs to maintain the performance of GCN and its variants in node classification tasks.


  • graph neural network
  • Graph sparsifier
  • reweighted optimization

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