Seasonal variations in the origin of lead in snow at Dye 3, Greenland

K. J R Rosman, W. Chisholm, C. F. Boutron, J. P. Candelone, J. L. Jaffrezo, Cliff Ian Davidson

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The isotopic composition and concentration of lead has been measured in fresh and slightly aged snow collected at Dye 3 in southern Greenland during one full year. The lead concentration displayed large variations ranging from 14-3016 pg/g in April (spring) to 3-6 pg/g in September (summer) while the isotopic ratios changed in regular manner during the year. The 206Pb/207Pb ratios were ~1.15 from spring to mid-summer snow, and increased in late summer to early autumn, reaching ~1.20 in winter. These isotopic data indicate that the lead in the autumn to winter snow originated in North America, while that in spring to mid-summer snow is from Eurasia.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)383-389
Number of pages7
JournalEarth and Planetary Science Letters
Issue number3-4
StatePublished - 1998
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  • Greenland
  • Isotope ratios
  • Isotopic composition
  • Lead
  • Seasonal variations
  • Seasonality
  • Snow

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Rosman, K. J. R., Chisholm, W., Boutron, C. F., Candelone, J. P., Jaffrezo, J. L., & Davidson, C. I. (1998). Seasonal variations in the origin of lead in snow at Dye 3, Greenland. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 160(3-4), 383-389.