Search for the Rare Decays B_{s}^{0}→e^{+}e^{-} and B^{0}→e^{+}e^{-}

LHCb Collaboration

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A search for the decays B_{s}^{0}→e^{+}e^{-} and B^{0}→e^{+}e^{-} is performed using data collected with the LHCb experiment in proton-proton collisions at center-of-mass energies of 7, 8, and 13 TeV, corresponding to integrated luminosities of 1, 2, and 2  fb^{-1}, respectively. No signal is observed. Assuming no contribution from B^{0}→e^{+}e^{-} decays, an upper limit on the branching fraction B(B_{s}^{0}→e^{+}e^{-})<9.4(11.2)×10^{-9} is obtained at 90(95)% confidence level. If no B_{s}^{0}→e^{+}e^{-} contribution is assumed, a limit of B(B^{0}→e^{+}e^{-})<2.5(3.0)×10^{-9} is determined at 90(95)% confidence level. These upper limits are more than one order of magnitude lower than the previous values.

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JournalPhysical Review Letters
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StatePublished - May 29 2020

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