Search for the lepton-flavour-violating decays Bs0 → τ ±µ and B0 → τ ±µ

LHCb Collaboration

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A search for Bs0 → τ±µ and B0 → τ±µ decays is performed using data corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 3 fb1 of proton-proton collisions, recorded with the LHCb detector in 2011 and 2012. For this search, the τ lepton is reconstructed in the τ → ππ+πντ channel. No significant signal is observed. Assuming no contribution from B0 → τ±µ decays, an upper limit is set on the Bs0 → τ±µ branching fraction of B (Bs0 → τ±µ∓) < 4.2 × 105 at 95% confidence level. If instead no contribution from Bs0 → τ±µ decays is assumed, a limit of B (B0 → τ±µ∓) < 1.4 × 105 is obtained at 95% confidence level. These are the first limit on B (Bs0 → τ±µ) and the world’s best limit on B (B0 → τ±µ).

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StatePublished - May 16 2019

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