Reduction of π-bound nitriles to π-bound imines in a tungsten(II) bis(acetylacetonate) coordination sphere

Andrew B. Jackson, Chetna Khosla, Helen E. Gaskins, Peter S. White, Joseph L. Templeton

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Addition of MeOTf (OTf = CF3SO3) to complexes of the type W(CO)(acac)22-N≡CR) (acac = acetylacetonate) [R = Ph (1a), Me (1b)] yields cationic iminoacyl triflate salts of the type [W(CO)-(acac)22-MeN=CR)][OTf]. Complexes 2a and 2b undergo nucleophilic attack at the iminoacyl carbon with Na[HB(OMe)3] or MeMgBr to form neutral η2-imine complexes of the type W(CO)(acac)22-MeN=C(Nuc)R] [Nuc = H (3a, 3b), Me (4)]. Hydride addition to 2b results in W(CO)(acac) 22-MeN=CHMe), 3b, a complex that exhibits interconversion of diastereomers at ambient temperature on the NMR time scale. X-ray structures of cationic iminoacyl complex 2a and neutral imine complex 4 confirm η2-C=N bonding of both the iminoacyl and imine ligands.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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StatePublished - Mar 24 2008
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