Racial/ethnic identity, community-oriented media initiatives, and transmedia storytelling

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This study focuses on how racial minorities are actively adapting, resisting, and challenging the practices of mainstream media in a convergence era. Through collaborative, community-based, transmedia storytelling initiatives, racial minority groups are fostering new critical media literacies and active digital citizenship. This article focuses on two such initiatives: a fictional Web-based drama series (East Los High) and a transmedia participatory art initiative (Question Bridge). The analysis shows how racial minorities use transmedia projects to create alternative forms of mediated storytelling that are more inclusive and participatory.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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JournalInformation Society
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StatePublished - Oct 19 2016
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  • Case studies
  • community initiatives
  • media literacies
  • race/ethnicity
  • transmedia storytelling

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  • Cultural Studies
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