Stuart A. Kurtz, Stephen R. Mahaney, James S. Royer

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It has been conjectured that the m-degree of NP-complete sets collapses. Recent work has treated the conjecture more broadly and shown the existence of collapsing m-degrees and exhibited both collapsing and noncollapsing m-degrees that are 2-tt complete for EXP. It is shown here that recent constructions of collapsing degrees and noncollapsing degrees in EXP can be extended to: (1) ESPACE for Logspace reducibilities and isomorphisms; (2) SIGMA **p//2 for O(n**k)-time reducibilities and O(n**k** plus **1)-time isomorphism; and (3) 2-tt complete sets in NP**A for polynomial-time reducibilities for a sparse oracle A.

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PublisherIEEE Computer Society
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StatePublished - 1987
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