Preprojective roots and graph monoids of Coxeter groups

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Certain results on representations of quivers have analogs in the structure theory of general Coxeter groups. A fixed Coxeter element turns the Coxeter graph into an acyclic quiver, allowing for the definition of a preprojective root. A positive root is an analog of an indecomposable representation of the quiver. The Coxeter group is finite if and only if every positive root is preprojective, which is analogous to the well-known result that a quiver is of finite representation type if and only if every indecomposable representation is preprojective. Combinatorics of orientation-admissible words in the graph monoid of the Coxeter graph relates strongly to reduced words and the weak order of the group.

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EventMaurice Auslander Distinguished Lectures and International Conference, 2018 - Falmouth, United States
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