Preliminary results using Timepix as a particle tracking detector

R. Plackett, K. Akiba, M. Artuso, F. Bayer, J. Buytaert, M. Campbell, P. Collins, M. Crossley, R. Dumps, L. Eklund, D. Esperante, L. Ferre Llin, A. Gallas, M. Gandelman, M. Gersabeck, V. Gligorov, T. Huse, M. John, X. Llopart, D. ManeuskiT. Michel, M. Nicol, C. Parkes, T. Poikela, E. Rodrigues, L. Tlustos

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A series of tests in CERN’s North Area beam facility have been used to demonstrate the suitability of the Timepix chip, combined with a silicon sensor, as a particle tracking device. Specifically of interest is the potential of a successor to the current chip to be used in the context of an LHCb VELO upgrade. The 55µm square pixels, large active fraction and analogue information make the chip very attractive for forward, high precision tracking systems such as the VELO. In this contribution preliminary results are presented showing the resolution achieved by a Timepix assembly in a 120GeV π beam, over a wide range of incident angles. At the optimum angle the detector was able to provide an unbiased track residual of 5.5µm. The telescope constructed for these measurements contributed a track extrapolation error of 2.5µm. The plans for a future development of this telescope, also based on Timepix assemblies are discussed, with proposals for upgrading its spatial and timing resolution.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalProceedings of Science
StatePublished - 2009
Event18th Workshop on Vertex Detectors and Related Techniques, VERTEX 2009 - Veluwe, Netherlands
Duration: Sep 13 2009Sep 18 2009

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