Precision Møller polarimetry for PREX-2 and CREX

D. E. King, D. C. Jones, C. Gal, D. Gaskell, W. Henry, A. D. Kaplan, J. Napolitano, S. Park, K. D. Paschke, R. Pomatsalyuk, P. A. Souder

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The PREX-2 and CREX experiments in Hall A at Jefferson Lab are precision measurements of parity violating elastic electron scattering from complex nuclei. One requirement was that the incident electron beam polarization, typically ≈90%, be known with 1% precision. We commissioned and operated a Møller polarimeter on the beam line that exceeds this requirement, achieving a precision of 0.89% for PREX-2, and 0.85% for CREX. The uncertainty is purely systematic, accumulated from several different sources, but dominated by our knowledge of the target polarization. Our analysis also demonstrates the need for accurate atomic wave functions in order to correct for the Levchuk Effect. We describe the details of the polarimeter operation and analysis, as well as (for CREX) a comparison to results from a different polarimeter based on Compton scattering.


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