Walter Meyer, David Wilemon, Stuart Bretschneider, Ralph Shangraw, Susan Thomas, Michael Olivette, Patricia Hick

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The following major conclusions have been drawn from this study: The relative price between electricity and gas has a marked effect on the economic market for on-site fuel cell systems. If the energy cost of gas increases at a rate faster than that for electricity, then the economic market will be sharply reduced compared to the case where the present relative price differentials is maintained. The installed first cost of the fuel cell must be reduced to about 1100 (1982) per kW//e to produce a significant gas-powered fuel cell market. The economic market for fuel cells is enhanced by the availability of a buy all sell all option. The economic market will tolerate a lease option with a 40% return on investment to the leasee. On a conservative basis, over the four twenty year time frames studied, fuel cells will enhance gas sales to the commercial and light industrial market from less than 1% in the first time frame to about 10% in the fourth time frame.

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StatePublished - 1985

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