Outcast Cape Town.

J. Western

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Introduces the city's inhabitants, placing special emphasis upon the so-called Cape Coloured people, their historical place in Cape society, and their physical place on the map of the city as it evolved up to 1948. Describes the process of strategic and economic planning to maintain and strengthen White domination, tracing the efforts of the planners following the Group Areas Act of 1950 to model a city for total racial residential segregation. Examines the nature of one, mainly Coloured, community (Mowbray) and the way in which the Act destroyed it. Finally, focuses on the Coloured and Black illegal squatters in the shantytowns which house nearly a quarter of all the residents of greater Cape Town. -after Publisher

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationOutcast Cape Town.
PublisherAllen & Unwin
ISBN (Print)004301139X, 9780043011393
StatePublished - 1981
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