Modulated transmission property of bacteriorhodopsin film and its application on thresholding operation

Yu Dong Li, Qian Sun, Chun Ping Zhang, Rui Lu, Guang Hua Fu, Guang Yin Zhang, Q. Wang Song, Bruce Parsons, Robert R. Birge

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In this paper, the modulated transmission property of bacteriorhodopsin (bR) film is analyzed theoretically when two beams of light, yellow light and purple light, illuminate the bR film simultaneously. By using the transmission property of bR film, the winner-take-all thresholding operation can be realized.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)799-801
Number of pages3
JournalChinese Physics Letters
Issue number11
StatePublished - 1998

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  • General Physics and Astronomy

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