Modelling and scaleup of dispersed phase liquid-liquid reactors

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The problem of modelling dispersed phase liquid-liquid reactors is discussed from a global view. The two major areas of microscopic and macroscopic problems are addressed. The microscopic problem is concerned with the determination of the local rate of transfer of reactants and/or products between the two phases. Attention is focussed on approaches to obtain kinetic data; and results on recent important chemical systems such as nitrations, metal chelation reactions, and phase transfer catalytic reactions are discussed. The liquid jet recycle reactor is pointed out as a useful tool for obtaining laboratory data. Recent works employing the classical film and penetration theories to obtain flux expressions for complex reactions are described. The macroscopic problem deals with the reactor design question. Various models proposed to account for macromixing and/or micromixing effects are categorized into noninteraction and coalescence-dispersion or interaction models. The former approach includes the axial dispersion and CSTR models and can predict conversions at the extremes of micromixing, (Sec the previous paper in this series by Nauman for complete discussion of these models, The basic formulations of these models and results are discussed in this paper. The latter approach discussed here includes population balance equations and Monte Carlo simulation methods. The ability of Monte Carlo simulation techniques to predict the effect of intermediate degrees of micromixing on conversion is demonstrated. The potential of the Monte Carlo simulation technique to account for local variations in dispersion properties, model droplet rate processes, and model complex reaction systems is also shown. (See the paper by Patterson in this series for more discussion of the application of Monte Carlo stimulation to complex reactions.).

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