Mitosis in sand dollar embryos is inhibited by antibodies directed against the calcium transport enzyme of muscle

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Monospecific antibodies to the calcium transport enzyme (α-Ca pump) inhibit mitosis when microinjected into sand dollar embryos. Immunoglobulins were raised against the calcium transport enzyme (Ca pump) of sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) from rat skeletal muscle and guinea pig ileum smooth muscle. Specific antibodies were further isolated from IgG fractions by using electrophoretically purified SR Ca-pump protein as the immobilized ligand for immunoaffinity chromatography. ELISA demonstrated that common antigenic determinants are shared by SR, SR Ca pump (of rat skeletal and guinea pig ileum smooth muscle), and isolated membrane containing 'native' mitotic apparatus (MA). Preimmune sera gave negative results in identical control assays. Triton X-100 extraction of MA removes the Ca-pump antigen. SR Ca pump and the MA Ca pump have nearly identical molecular masses as determined by NaDodSO4/PAGE. These α-SR Ca-pump IgGs inhibit ATP-dependent Ca2+ sequestration by purified SR and MA membranes. Indirect immunofluorescence of isolated native MA demonstrated coincident localization of the MA Ca pump, sequestered calcium, and membrane vesicles. Fluorescent foci were regionally concentrated within the volumes of the asters and spindle. Microinjection of the anti-Ca-pump IgGs into one of two sister blastomeres at second metaphase resulted in mitotic arrest of the injected cell accompanied by a rapid loss of spindle birefringence. Karyomeres formed and fused to form nuclei either at the site of the metaphase plate or at the position the chromosomes occupied during anaphase A. The cleavage furrow did not develop in the injected cell, while the sister and neighbor cells continued normal mitotic cycling. Injection later in mitosis yielded cells with two nuclei whose cleavage furrow relaxed completely. Routine control injections of boiled immune IgG, preimmune IgG, Wesson oil, buffer, or goat anti-rabbit IgG did not affect mitosis, birefringence of the MA, or cleavage furrow activity.

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JournalProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Issue number12
StatePublished - 1986
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