Measurement of the pseudoscalar decay constant fDs using Ds+→τ+ν, τ+→ρ+ν̄ decays

P. Naik, J. Rademacker, D. M. Asner, K. W. Edwards, K. Randrianarivony, J. Reed, A. N. Robichaud, G. Tatishvili, E. J. White, R. A. Briere, H. Vogel, P. U.E. Onyisi, J. L. Rosner, J. P. Alexander, D. G. Cassel, R. Ehrlich, L. Fields, L. Gibbons, S. W. Gray, D. L. HartillB. K. Heltsley, J. M. Hunt, D. L. Kreinick, V. E. Kuznetsov, J. Ledoux, J. R. Patterson, D. Peterson, D. Riley, A. Ryd, A. J. Sadoff, X. Shi, S. Stroiney, W. M. Sun, J. Yelton, P. Rubin, N. Lowrey, S. Mehrabyan, M. Selen, J. Wiss, M. Kornicer, R. E. Mitchell, M. R. Shepherd, C. M. Tarbert, D. Besson, T. K. Pedlar, J. Xavier, D. Cronin-Hennessy, K. Y. Gao, J. Hietala, R. Poling, P. Zweber, S. Dobbs, Z. Metreveli, K. K. Seth, B. J.Y. Tan, A. Tomaradze, S. Brisbane, J. Libby, L. Martin, A. Powell, P. Spradlin, G. Wilkinson, H. Mendez, J. Y. Ge, D. H. Miller, I. P.J. Shipsey, B. Xin, G. S. Adams, D. Hu, B. Moziak, J. Napolitano, K. M. Ecklund, J. Insler, H. Muramatsu, C. S. Park, E. H. Thorndike, F. Yang, S. Ricciardi, C. Thomas, M. Artuso, S. Blusk, S. Khalil, R. Mountain, T. Skwarnicki, S. Stone, J. C. Wang, L. M. Zhang, G. Bonvicini, D. Cinabro, A. Lincoln, M. J. Smith, P. Zhou, J. Zhu

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Analyzing 600pb-1 of e+e- collisions at 4170 MeV center-of-mass energy with the CLEO-c detector, we measure the branching fraction B(Ds+→τ+ν)= (5.52±0.57±0.21)% using the τ+→ρ+ν̄ decay mode. Combining with other CLEO measurements of B(Ds+→τ+ν) we determine the pseudoscalar decay constant fDs=(259.7±7.8±3.4)MeV consistent with the value obtained from our Ds+→μ+ν measurement of (257.6±10.3±4.3)MeV. Combining these measurements we find a value of fDs=(259.0±6.2±3.0)MeV, that differs from the most accurate prediction based on unquenched lattice gauge theory of (241±3)MeV by 2.4 standard deviations. We also present the first measurements of B(Ds+→K0π+π0)=(1.00±0.18±0.04)%, and B(Ds+→π+π0π0)=(0.65±0.13±0.03)%, and measure a new value for B(Ds+→ηρ+)=(8.9±0.6±0.5)%.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number112004
JournalPhysical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology
Issue number11
StatePublished - Dec 28 2009

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics
  • Physics and Astronomy (miscellaneous)


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