Measurement of the branching ratios for the decays of D+s to ηπ+, η′π+, ηρ+, and η′ρ+

C. P. Jessop, K. Lingel, H. Marsiske, M. L. Perl, S. F. Schaffner, D. Ugolini, R. Wang, X. Zhou, T. E. Coan, V. Fadeyev, I. Korolkov, Y. Maravin, I. Narsky, V. Shelkov, J. Staeck, R. Stroynowski, I. Volobouev, J. Ye, M. Artuso, A. EfimovF. Frasconi, M. Gao, M. Goldberg, D. He, S. Kopp, G. C. Moneti, R. Mountain, Y. Mukhin, S. Schuh, T. Skwarnicki, S. Stone, G. Viehhauser, X. Xing, J. Bartelt, S. E. Csorna, V. Jain, S. Marka, A. Freyberger, R. Godang, K. Kinoshita, I. C. Lai, P. Pomianowski, S. Schrenk, G. Bonvicini, D. Cinabro, R. Greene, L. P. Perera, B. Barish, M. Chadha, S. Chan, G. Eigen, J. S. Miller, C. O'Grady, M. Schmidtler, J. Urheim, A. J. Weinstein, F. Würthwein, D. M. Asner, D. W. Bliss, W. S. Brower, G. Masek, H. P. Paar, V. Sharma, J. Gronberg, R. Kutschke, D. J. Lange, S. Menary, R. J. Morrison, H. N. Nelson, T. K. Nelson, C. Qiao, J. D. Richman, D. Roberts, A. Ryd, M. S. Witherell, R. Balest, B. H. Behrens, K. Cho, W. T. Ford, H. Park, P. Rankin, J. Roy, J. G. Smith, J. P. Alexander, C. Bebek, B. E. Berger, K. Berkelman, K. Bloom, D. G. Cassel, H. A. Cho, D. M. Coffman, D. S. Crowcrott, M. Dickson, P. S. Drell, K. M. Ecklund, R. Ehrlich, R. Elia, A. D. Foland, P. Gaidarev

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Using a data sample with an integrated luminosity of 3.9 fb-1 collected in e+e annihilation with the CLEO-II detector at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring, we have measured the branching ratios for the decay modes D+s → (η,η′)π+ and D+s →(η,η′)ρ+ relative to D+s → φπ+. These decay modes are among the most common hadronic decays of the D+s, and can be related by factorization to the semileptonic decays D+s →(η,η′)ℓ+νl. The results obtained are compared with previous CLEO results and with the branching ratios measured for the related semileptonic decays. We also report results on the Cabibbo-suppressed decays of the D+ to the same final states.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number052002
Pages (from-to)520021-520029
Number of pages9
JournalPhysical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology
Issue number5
StatePublished - Sep 1 1998

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics


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