Measurement of the branching ratio of (3S)+-(1S)

J. Green, F. Sannes, P. Skubic, A. Snyder, R. Stone, A. Chen, M. Goldberg, N. Horwitz, H. Jawahery, M. Jibaly, P. Lipari, G. C. Moneti, H. Van Hecke, M. S. Alam, S. E. Csorna, A. Fridman, R. G. Hicks, M. Mestayer, R. S. Panvini, D. AndrewsP. Avery, R. Cabenda, D. G. Cassel, J. W. Dewire, R. Ehrlich, T. Ferguson, R. Galik, M. G D Gilchriese, B. Gittelman, D. L. Hartill, D. Herrup, S. Holzner, M. Ito, J. Kandaswamy, V. Kistiakowsky, D. L. Kreinick, Y. Kubota, N. B. Mistry, F. Morrow, E. Nordberg, M. Ogg, R. Perchonok, R. Plunkett, A. Silverman, P. C. Stein, Sheldon Stone, D. Weber, R. Wilcke, A. J. Sadoff, C. Bebek, J. Hassard, M. Hempstead, J. M. Izen, W. W. MacKay, F. M. Pipkin, J. Rohlf, Richard Wilson, H. Kagan, K. Chadwick, J. Chauveau, P. Ganci, G. Parkhurst, T. Gentile, R. Kass, A. C. Melissinos, S. L. Olsen, R. Poling, C. Rosenfeld, G. Rucinski, E. H. Thorndike

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The branching ratio of (3S)+-(1S) has been measured to be (4.9 ± 0.9 ± 0.5)%. The di-pion invariant-mass distribution for this decay is flatter than that for the decays (2S)+-(1S) and +-.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)617-620
Number of pages4
JournalPhysical Review Letters
Issue number9
StatePublished - 1982
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Green, J., Sannes, F., Skubic, P., Snyder, A., Stone, R., Chen, A., ... Thorndike, E. H. (1982). Measurement of the branching ratio of (3S)+-(1S). Physical Review Letters, 49(9), 617-620.

Measurement of the branching ratio of (3S)+-(1S). / Green, J.; Sannes, F.; Skubic, P.; Snyder, A.; Stone, R.; Chen, A.; Goldberg, M.; Horwitz, N.; Jawahery, H.; Jibaly, M.; Lipari, P.; Moneti, G. C.; Hecke, H. Van; Alam, M. S.; Csorna, S. E.; Fridman, A.; Hicks, R. G.; Mestayer, M.; Panvini, R. S.; Andrews, D.; Avery, P.; Cabenda, R.; Cassel, D. G.; Dewire, J. W.; Ehrlich, R.; Ferguson, T.; Galik, R.; Gilchriese, M. G D; Gittelman, B.; Hartill, D. L.; Herrup, D.; Holzner, S.; Ito, M.; Kandaswamy, J.; Kistiakowsky, V.; Kreinick, D. L.; Kubota, Y.; Mistry, N. B.; Morrow, F.; Nordberg, E.; Ogg, M.; Perchonok, R.; Plunkett, R.; Silverman, A.; Stein, P. C.; Stone, Sheldon; Weber, D.; Wilcke, R.; Sadoff, A. J.; Bebek, C.; Hassard, J.; Hempstead, M.; Izen, J. M.; MacKay, W. W.; Pipkin, F. M.; Rohlf, J.; Wilson, Richard; Kagan, H.; Chadwick, K.; Chauveau, J.; Ganci, P.; Parkhurst, G.; Gentile, T.; Kass, R.; Melissinos, A. C.; Olsen, S. L.; Poling, R.; Rosenfeld, C.; Rucinski, G.; Thorndike, E. H.

In: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 49, No. 9, 1982, p. 617-620.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Green, J, Sannes, F, Skubic, P, Snyder, A, Stone, R, Chen, A, Goldberg, M, Horwitz, N, Jawahery, H, Jibaly, M, Lipari, P, Moneti, GC, Hecke, HV, Alam, MS, Csorna, SE, Fridman, A, Hicks, RG, Mestayer, M, Panvini, RS, Andrews, D, Avery, P, Cabenda, R, Cassel, DG, Dewire, JW, Ehrlich, R, Ferguson, T, Galik, R, Gilchriese, MGD, Gittelman, B, Hartill, DL, Herrup, D, Holzner, S, Ito, M, Kandaswamy, J, Kistiakowsky, V, Kreinick, DL, Kubota, Y, Mistry, NB, Morrow, F, Nordberg, E, Ogg, M, Perchonok, R, Plunkett, R, Silverman, A, Stein, PC, Stone, S, Weber, D, Wilcke, R, Sadoff, AJ, Bebek, C, Hassard, J, Hempstead, M, Izen, JM, MacKay, WW, Pipkin, FM, Rohlf, J, Wilson, R, Kagan, H, Chadwick, K, Chauveau, J, Ganci, P, Parkhurst, G, Gentile, T, Kass, R, Melissinos, AC, Olsen, SL, Poling, R, Rosenfeld, C, Rucinski, G & Thorndike, EH 1982, 'Measurement of the branching ratio of (3S)+-(1S)', Physical Review Letters, vol. 49, no. 9, pp. 617-620.
Green J, Sannes F, Skubic P, Snyder A, Stone R, Chen A et al. Measurement of the branching ratio of (3S)+-(1S). Physical Review Letters. 1982;49(9):617-620.
Green, J. ; Sannes, F. ; Skubic, P. ; Snyder, A. ; Stone, R. ; Chen, A. ; Goldberg, M. ; Horwitz, N. ; Jawahery, H. ; Jibaly, M. ; Lipari, P. ; Moneti, G. C. ; Hecke, H. Van ; Alam, M. S. ; Csorna, S. E. ; Fridman, A. ; Hicks, R. G. ; Mestayer, M. ; Panvini, R. S. ; Andrews, D. ; Avery, P. ; Cabenda, R. ; Cassel, D. G. ; Dewire, J. W. ; Ehrlich, R. ; Ferguson, T. ; Galik, R. ; Gilchriese, M. G D ; Gittelman, B. ; Hartill, D. L. ; Herrup, D. ; Holzner, S. ; Ito, M. ; Kandaswamy, J. ; Kistiakowsky, V. ; Kreinick, D. L. ; Kubota, Y. ; Mistry, N. B. ; Morrow, F. ; Nordberg, E. ; Ogg, M. ; Perchonok, R. ; Plunkett, R. ; Silverman, A. ; Stein, P. C. ; Stone, Sheldon ; Weber, D. ; Wilcke, R. ; Sadoff, A. J. ; Bebek, C. ; Hassard, J. ; Hempstead, M. ; Izen, J. M. ; MacKay, W. W. ; Pipkin, F. M. ; Rohlf, J. ; Wilson, Richard ; Kagan, H. ; Chadwick, K. ; Chauveau, J. ; Ganci, P. ; Parkhurst, G. ; Gentile, T. ; Kass, R. ; Melissinos, A. C. ; Olsen, S. L. ; Poling, R. ; Rosenfeld, C. ; Rucinski, G. ; Thorndike, E. H. / Measurement of the branching ratio of (3S)+-(1S). In: Physical Review Letters. 1982 ; Vol. 49, No. 9. pp. 617-620.
title = "Measurement of the branching ratio of (3S)+-(1S)",
abstract = "The branching ratio of (3S)+-(1S) has been measured to be (4.9 ± 0.9 ± 0.5){\%}. The di-pion invariant-mass distribution for this decay is flatter than that for the decays (2S)+-(1S) and +-.",
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PY - 1982

Y1 - 1982

N2 - The branching ratio of (3S)+-(1S) has been measured to be (4.9 ± 0.9 ± 0.5)%. The di-pion invariant-mass distribution for this decay is flatter than that for the decays (2S)+-(1S) and +-.

AB - The branching ratio of (3S)+-(1S) has been measured to be (4.9 ± 0.9 ± 0.5)%. The di-pion invariant-mass distribution for this decay is flatter than that for the decays (2S)+-(1S) and +-.

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