Measurement of the B̄→D*lν̄ branching fractions and -Vcb-

B. Barish, M. Chadha, S. Chan, D. F. Cowen, G. Eigen, J. S. Miller, C. O'Grady, J. Urheim, A. J. Weinstein, D. Acosta, M. Athanas, G. Masek, H. P. Paar, J. Gronberg, R. Kutschke, S. Menary, R. J. Morrison, S. Nakanishi, H. N. Nelson, T. K. NelsonC. Qiao, J. D. Richman, A. Ryd, H. Tajima, D. Sperka, M. S. Witherell, M. Procario, R. Balest, K. Cho, M. Daoudi, W. T. Ford, D. R. Johnson, K. Lingel, M. Lohner, P. Rankin, J. G. Smith, J. P. Alexander, C. Bebek, K. Berkelman, K. Bloom, T. E. Browder, D. G. Cassel, H. A. Cho, D. M. Coffman, D. S. Crowcroft, P. S. Drell, R. Ehrlich, P. Gaidarev, R. S. Galik, M. Garcia-Sciveres, B. Geiser, B. Gittelman, S. W. Gray, D. L. Hartill, B. K. Heltsley, C. D. Jones, S. L. Jones, J. Kandaswamy, N. Katayama, P. C. Kim, D. L. Kreinick, G. S. Ludwig, J. Masui, J. Mevissen, N. B. Mistry, C. R. Ng, E. Nordberg, J. R. Patterson, D. Peterson, D. Riley, S. Salman, M. Sapper, F. Würthwein, P. Avery, A. Freyberger, J. Rodriguez, S. Yang, J. Yelton, D. Cinabro, S. Henderson, T. Liu, M. Saulnier, R. Wilson, H. Yamamoto, T. Bergfeld, B. I. Eisenstein, G. Gollin, B. Ong, M. Palmer, M. Selen, J. J. Thaler, K. W. Edwards, M. Ogg, A. Bellerive, D. I. Britton, E. R.F. Hyatt, D. B. MacFarlane, P. M. Patel, B. Spaan, A. J. Sadoff, R. Ammar, S. Ball, P. Baringer, A. Bean, D. Besson, D. Coppage, N. Copty, R. Davis, N. Hancock, M. Kelly, S. Kotov, I. Kravchenko, N. Kwak, H. Lam, Y. Kubota, M. Lattery, M. Momayezi, J. K. Nelson, S. Patton, D. Perticone, R. Poling, V. Savinov, S. Schrenk, R. Wang, M. S. Alam, I. J. Kim, B. Nemati, Z. Ling, J. J. O'Neill, H. Severini, C. R. Sun, F. Wappler, G. Crawford, C. M. Daubenmier, R. Fulton, D. Fujino, K. K. Gan, K. Honscheid, H. Kagan, R. Kass, J. Lee, R. Malchow, Y. Skovpen, M. Sung, C. White, M. M. Zoeller, F. Butler, X. Fu, G. Kalbfleisch, W. R. Ross, P. Skubic, M. Wood, J. Fast, R. L. Mcilwain, T. Miao, D. H. Miller, M. Modesitt, D. Payne, E. I. Shibata, I. P.J. Shipsey, P. N. Wang, M. Battle, J. Ernst, L. Gibbons, Y. Kwon, S. Roberts, E. H. Thorndike, C. H. Wang, J. Dominick, M. Lambrecht, S. Sanghera, V. Shelkov, T. Skwarnicki, R. Stroynowski, I. Volobouev, G. Wei, P. Zadorozhny, M. Artuso, M. Goldberg, D. He, N. Horwitz, R. Kennett, R. Mountain, G. C. Moneti, F. Muheim, Y. Mukhin, S. Playfer, Y. Rozen, Sheldon Stone, M. Thulasidas, G. Vasseur, X. Xing, G. Zhu, J. Bartelt, S. E. Csorna, Z. Egyed, V. Jain, D. Gibaut, K. Kinoshita

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We study the exclusive semileptonic B meson decays B-→D*0l-ν̄ and B̄0→D*+l-ν̄ using data collected with the CLEO II detector at the Cornell Electron-positron Storage Ring (CESR). We present measurements of the branching fractions scrB(B̄0→D*+l-ν̄)= (0.5/f00)[4.49±0.32(stat.)±0.39 (syst.)]% and scrB(B-→D*0l-(ν̄)= (0.5/f+-)[5.13±0.54 (stat) ±0.64 (syst)]%, where f00 and f+- are the neutral and charged B meson production fractions at the Υ(4S) resonance, respectively. Assuming isospin invariance and taking the ratio of charged to neutral B meson lifetimes measured at higher energy machines, we determine the ratio f+-/f00=1.04±0.13 (stat) ±0.12 (syst) ±0.10 (lifetime); further assuming f+-+f00=1 we also determine the partial width Γ(B̄→D*lν̄)=[29.9±1.9 (stat) ±2.7 (syst.) ±2.0 (lifetime)] ns-1 (independent of f+-/f00). From this partial width we calculate B̄→D*lν̄ branching fractions that do not depend on f+-/f00 or the individual B lifetimes, but only on the charged to neutral B lifetime ratio. The product of the CKM matrix element -Vcb- times the normalization of the decay form factor at the point of no recoil of the D* meson, scrF(y=1), is determined from a linear fit to the combined differential decay rate of the exclusive B̄→D*lν̄ decays: -Vcb-scrF(1)=0.0351±0.0019 (stat) ±0.0018 (syst) ±0.0008 (lifetime). The value for -Vcb- is extracted using theoretical calculations of the form factor normalization.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1014-1033
Number of pages20
JournalPhysical Review D
Issue number3
StatePublished - 1995

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