Measurement of B(Ds+→l+ν) and the decay constant fDs+ from 600pb-1 of e+e- annihilation data near 4170 MeV

J. P. Alexander, D. G. Cassel, J. E. Duboscq, R. Ehrlich, L. Fields, R. S. Galik, L. Gibbons, R. Gray, S. W. Gray, D. L. Hartill, B. K. Heltsley, D. Hertz, J. M. Hunt, J. Kandaswamy, D. L. Kreinick, V. E. Kuznetsov, J. Ledoux, H. Mahlke-Krüger, D. Mohapatra, J. R. PattersonD. Peterson, D. Riley, A. Ryd, A. J. Sadoff, X. Shi, S. Stroiney, W. M. Sun, T. Wilksen, J. Yelton, P. Rubin, N. Lowrey, S. Mehrabyan, M. Selen, J. Wiss, R. E. Mitchell, M. R. Shepherd, D. Besson, T. K. Pedlar, D. Cronin-Hennessy, K. Y. Gao, J. Hietala, Y. Kubota, T. Klein, R. Poling, A. W. Scott, P. Zweber, S. Dobbs, Z. Metreveli, K. K. Seth, B. J.Y. Tan, A. Tomaradze, J. Libby, L. Martin, A. Powell, G. Wilkinson, H. Mendez, J. Y. Ge, D. H. Miller, V. Pavlunin, B. Sanghi, I. P.J. Shipsey, B. Xin, G. S. Adams, D. Hu, B. Moziak, J. Napolitano, K. M. Ecklund, Q. He, J. Insler, H. Muramatsu, C. S. Park, E. H. Thorndike, F. Yang, M. Artuso, S. Blusk, S. Khalil, J. Li, R. Mountain, K. Randrianarivony, N. Sultana, T. Skwarnicki, S. Stone, J. C. Wang, L. M. Zhang, G. Bonvicini, D. Cinabro, M. Dubrovin, A. Lincoln, M. J. Smith, P. Naik, J. Rademacker, D. M. Asner, K. W. Edwards, J. Reed, A. N. Robichaud, G. Tatishvili, E. J. White, R. A. Briere, H. Vogel, P. U.E. Onyisi, J. L. Rosner

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We examine e+e-→Ds-Ds*+ and Ds*-Ds+ interactions at 4170 MeV using the CLEO-c detector in order to measure the decay constant fDs+ with good precision. Previously our measurements were substantially higher than the most precise lattice based QCD calculation of (241± 3)MeV. Here we use the Ds+→+ν channel, where the + designates either a μ+ or a τ+, when the τ+→π+ν̄. Analyzing both modes independently, we determine B(Ds+→μ+ν)=( 0.565±0.045±0.017)%, and B(Ds+→τ+ν)=(6.42±0.81± 0.18)%. We also analyze them simultaneously to find an effective value of Beff(Ds+→μ+ν)=(0.591± 0.037±0.018)% and fDs+=( 263.3±8.2±3.9)MeV. Combining with the CLEO-c value determined independently using Ds+→τ+ν, τ+→e+νν̄ decays, we extract fDs+=( 259.5±6.6±3.1)MeV. Combining with our previous determination of B(D+→μ+ν), we extract the ratio fDs+/fD+=1.26±0.06±0.02. No evidence is found for a CP asymmetry between Γ(Ds+→μ+ν) and Γ(Ds-→μ-ν); specifically the fractional difference in rates is measured to be (4.8±6.1)%. Finally, we find B(Ds+→e+ν)<1.2×10-4 at 90% confidence level.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number052001
JournalPhysical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology
Issue number5
StatePublished - Mar 2 2009

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