Maps and remote sensing

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Terms involved in photogrammetry and remote sensing are defined and characteristics of Landsat, Thematic Mapper, SPOT and radar systems are summarised. Orthophotoquads at 1:24k are available for 57% of the conterminous USA and high-altitude (12km) photography at 1:80k monochrome and 1:56k colour-infrared is due for completion. Landsat-based image maps have been produced at 1:25k for N Alaska; the full impact of higher resolution from TM and SPOT is yet to be felt. Progress in image processing and expert systems may dilute the distinction between line map and image map. Radar and satellite imagery may have as profound an effect on thematic mapping as photogrammetry has had on topographic mapping. -I.S.Evans

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationWorld mapping today
EditorsR.B. Parry, C.R. Perkins
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StatePublished - 1987


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