Locality and anti-locality in spanish DPS

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The paper develops an analysis of Spanish DPs that establishes a complete parallelism between CP and DP. The analysis adopts some of the latest developments regarding CP structure (e.g., Grohmann's [2003] division of clause structure into three domains) and extends them to account for the properties of Spanish DPs (following Grohmann & Haegeman 2002). The resulting analysis enables us to explain the full paradigm regarding the different possibilities of extraction observed in Spanish DPs from the locality (Manzini 1994, Fox & Lasnik 2003) and anti-locality (Bošković 1994, 1997; Grohmann 2003, among others) conditions on movement that elements within DPs must satisfy. The differences among nonspecific DPs, specific DPs, and some definite DPs with respect to extraction are the result of the presence or absence of the DP projection in the structure.

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