Light-Directed Organization of Polymer Materials from Photoreactive Formulations †

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This perspective presents a recently developed approach to organize polymer and polymer composite materials through a new form of light-directed organization of photoreactive polymeric media. Under suitable conditions, such media will interact with light, in a mutual dynamic process, that results in the spontaneous organization of both the input light field and, importantly, the polymer media. New material structures can be created in free-radical-initiated media, polymer blends and polymer-solvent mixtures, as well as possibly more complex, multicomponent formulations. An overview of the underlying principles and chemical phenomena and exemplary material structures are presented. Materials produced using this new processing approach can be used as functional coatings, textured surfaces, and membranes, as well as a host of other applications via selection of polymer composition. Key open questions and areas for further inquiry and advancement are presented. Coupling the dynamics of light pattern formation processes to photoreactive matter is a promising new approach to the organization of materials for a range of critical applications and reveals interesting nonlinear dynamic phenomena in the organization of materials.

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JournalChemistry of Materials
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StatePublished - Apr 14 2020
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