Isolation of mitotic apparatus containing vesicles with calcium sequestration activity

Robert B. Silver, R. David Cole, W. Zacheus Cande

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We present the first report of isolated mitotic apparatus with vesicular calcium sequestration. Phase-contrast, differential interference contrast and polarized light microscopy as well as transmission and scanning electron microscopic examinations revealed structures comparable to mitotic apparatus in vivo. Numerous membrane-bound vesicles which retained their osmotic activity were present throughout. Microtubules, yolk, ribosomes and condensed chromatin were also present. The protein composition of mitotic apparatus was not dramatically altered by treatment with 0.5% Triton X-100, even though vesicles were destroyed and yolk was extracted. Calcium sequestration was demonstrated with ATP-dependent accumulation of 45Ca by mitotic apparatus whose vesicles were left intact. Compared with controls for which no nucleotide was added, accumulation by mitotic apparatus with intact vesicles was enhanced to 184% when it was present. When ATP was supplemented with the divalent ionophore A23187, the calcium retention level was comparable to that of the control to which no nucleotide was added. Finally, the calcium accumulation by mitotic apparatus treated with either of the nonhydrolyzable ATP analogs AMPPCP or AMPPNP resulted in calcium retention levels similar to those of controls. The solubilization of vesicles with Triton X-100 abolished calcium accumulation in the presence or absence of any of the above additives. Resolution of vesicles on sucrose step gradients after 45Ca-oxalate loading with ATP or AMPPCP indicates that a specific vesicular fraction sequesters 45Ca.

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StatePublished - Feb 1980
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