Information-Seeking Coping and Anxiety in School-Age Children Anticipating Surgery

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This study examined the relation between coping behavior and anxiety among school-age children anticipating an elective tonsillectomy and/or adenoidec- tomy. The demographic variables of age, gender, previous hospitalization, and birth order were also studied in relation to both coping and anxiety. Interview methods were utilized to measure information-seeking and information-limiting coping behaviors and feelings of anxiety. The results of this study indicate that children who used primarily information-seeking or information-limiting strategies were successful (as measured by low anxiety levels) in managing the stress of anticipated hospitalization. Children using information-seeking strategies for some, but not all, aspects of the hospitalization experience reported the greatest anxiety. The demographic variables were not related to either anxiety or coping.

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Journalchildren's health care
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StatePublished - Apr 1994

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