J. Kestin, R. DiPippo, H. E. Khalifa

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The essence of the hybrid concept is to combine two sources of energy in the same conversion system so as to introduce heat into the cycle in a thermodynamically optimum manner. This means that the heat derived from a low-grade source, such as a geothermal brine, should be used for heating the working fluid at the low-temperature end of the cycle. Similarly, a high-grade energy source, such as a fossil fuel, should be made to supply heat at the highest practically admissible temperatures. Hybrid fossil-geothermal power plants of several types are shown to be thermodynamically superior to the individual utilization of these two energy resources. Such plants deserve consideration in cases where geothermal and fossil energy sources exist in reasonable proximity.

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Specialist publicationMech Eng
StatePublished - Jan 1 1978

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