Home blood pressure assessment in children with autism spectrum disorder: A feasibility study

Kevin S. Heffernan, Luis Columna, Laura Prieto, Patricia Pagan, Jacob DeBlois, Alyssa Prawl, Gianpietro Revolledo, Natalie Russo, Tiago V. Barreira

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Introduction: Measurement of Blood Pressure (BP) in children provides insight into future Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) risk. Objective: To examine the feasibility and reliability of home BP monitoring in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and compare to office BP measurement. Methods: Seven day home BP monitoring was completed using an electronic device in 16 children with ASD (mean age 7 ± 3, n = 2 girls) and compared with a single "office" BP measure. Parents were asked to take two measures in the morning and two measures in the early evening. Results: Eleven parents were able to obtain >75% of measures with eight of those 11 parents obtaining >90% of measures. There were no statistical differences between mean office Systolic BP (SBP) and mean home SBP (mean difference 2 ± 9 mmHg, p = 0.46) or mean office Diastolic BP (DBP) and mean home DBP (mean difference 1 ± 7 mmHg, p = 0.68). The correlation between home and office SBP was r = 0.44 (p = 0.02). The correlation between home and office DBP was r = 0.43 (p = 0.05). Home SBP correlated with age, height and BMI (p < 0.05) while office SBP did not (p > 0.05). Three days with 4 measurements/day was sufficient to achieve reliable home BP measurements (G > 0.8). Conclusion: Home BP monitoring is feasible in children with ASD, is associated with typical correlates (age, height), and is better associated with obesity status (BMI) than office BP measurement.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)145-149
Number of pages5
JournalArtery Research
Issue number3-4
StatePublished - Dec 1 2019


  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Blood pressure
  • Children
  • Reliability

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