Hahn-Hausman test as a specification test

Yoonseok Lee, Ryo Okui

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This paper develops a modified version of the Sargan [Sargan, J.D., 1958. The estimation of economic relationships using instrumental variables. Econometrica 26 (3), 393415] restrictions, and shows that it is numerically equivalent to the test statistic of Hahn and Hausman [Hahn, J., Hausman, J., 2002. A new specification test for the validity of instrumental variables. Econometrica 70 (1), 163189] up to a sign. The modified Sargan test is constructed such that its asymptotic distribution under the null hypothesis of correct specification is standard normal when the number of instruments increases with the sample size. The equivalence result is useful in understanding what the HahnHausman test detects and its power properties.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)133-139
Number of pages7
JournalJournal of Econometrics
Issue number1
StatePublished - Mar 2012
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  • HahnHausman test
  • Many instruments
  • Overidentifying restrictions test
  • Sargan test
  • Specification test

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