Flow control over a cylindrical turret using synthetic jets

Marlyn Y. Andino, Jeremy T. Pinier, Ryan F. Schmit, Russell C. Camphouse, James H. Myatt, Mark N. Glauser

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Our research group is aiming to develop the methodology to apply feedback flow control to aero-optical applications and other similar aircraft problems. On this effort the experiments were performed using a 3D bluffbody with a Reynolds number of 300; 000 based on diameter and free-stream velocity. An actuation system containing 22 piezo-electric disks was implemented for flow control purposes. Simultaneous wall pressure and velocity measurements were done to capture the behavior of the flow field over our bluffbody. Measurements have been obtained for three cases: baseline and two actuation frequencies. Preliminary results have shown that actuation used has a positive effect on reducing the turbulence intensity observed at the center plane of the model.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publication46th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit
PublisherAmerican Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Inc.
ISBN (Print)9781563479373
StatePublished - 2008

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Name46th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit

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