Dynamics of secession and state birth

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This chapter examines the dynamics of secession and state birth. It argues that in the long run the norms, rules, and practices guiding the state recognition regime evolve as the international system evolves. The chapter reviews the contemporary dynamics of secession by looking at strategies employed by secessionist movements to convince their base state to permit independence and to convince the international community to grant recognition of their aspirational state using both peaceful and democratic tactics as well as coercive and violent methods. The chapter looks also at the responses of the base state and the wider international community, which are often determined by the internal political system and the implications for domestic and international stability. The result is a strategic playing field that changes over time as the international system evolves. States and aspiring states are players on that field. In general, the strategy for each side is clear, but the tactics vary depending on the setting. Accordingly, the dynamics of secession and recognition play out according to the changing rules of the game in world politics.

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