Creating a virtual classroom for interactive education on the Web

Dan Dwyer, Kathy Barbieri, Helen M. Doerr

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The World-Wide Web provides new opportunities for distance education over the Internet. The Web, when combined with other network tools, can be used to create a virtual classroom to bring together a community of learners for interactive education. The Cornell Theory Center, a national center for high performance computing, is investigating the use of emerging network technologies for training computational scientists and researchers in the concepts of parallel processing. This effort is being built on electronic educational materials already on the Web and will evaluate the effectiveness of various collaborative tools.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)897-904
Number of pages8
JournalComputer Networks and ISDN Systems
Issue number6
StatePublished - Apr 1995


  • Computational science
  • Distance education
  • High performance computing
  • Virtual classroom

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  • General Engineering


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