Coordination chemistry of copper-molybdates with alkoxide ligands: The {Mo4O10(OMe)6}2- and [Mo2O4{RC(CH2O)3}2]2- clusters as building blocks

Paul DeBurgomaster, Mark Bartholomä, Ryan Raffel, Wayne Ouellette, Achim Müller, Jon A Zubieta

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The reactions of the Keplerate super cluster [Mo132O372(CH3CO2)30(H2O)72]42- with a Cu(II) source and an organonitrogen donor in methanol/DMF solutions yielded a series of bimetallic organic-inorganic oxide hybrid materials, including the molecular species [Cu(phen)2MoO4] (1) and [{Cu(terpy)}2(MoO4)2] (2) and a series of materials constructed from the tetranuclear building block {Mo4O10(OMe)6}2-: the molecular [{Cu2(phen)2(O2CCH3)2 (MeOH)}Mo4O10(OMe)6] (3), [{Cu(terpy)(O2CCH3)}2Mo4O10(OMe)6] (4) and [{Cu(terpy)Cl}2Mo4O10(OMe)6] (5), the one-dimensional phases [{Cu(bpy)(HOMe)2}Mo4O10(OMe)6] (6), [{Cu(bpy)(DMF)2}Mo4O10(OMe)6] (7), [{Cu(bpa)(DMF)2}Mo4O10(OMe)6] (8), [{Cu(phen)(DMF)2}Mo4O10(OMe)6] (9) and [{CuCl(dpa)}2Mo4O10(OMe)6] (10), and the two-dimensional material [{Cu2(DMF)2(pdpa)}{Mo4O10(OMe)6}2] (11). When methanol is replaced by the tridentate alkoxide tris-methoxypropane (trisp), the {Mo2O4(trisp)2}2- cluster building block is observed for [Cu(phen)Mo2O4(trisp)2] (12), [Cu(bpa)(DMF)Mo2O4(trisp)2] (13) and [{Cu(bpy)(NO3)}2Mo2O4(trisp)2] (14).

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1386-1394
Number of pages9
JournalInorganica Chimica Acta
Issue number7
StatePublished - Apr 20 2010



  • Bimetallic oxides
  • Copper molybdates
  • Keplerate "super clusters"
  • Organic-inorganic oxide hybrids

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