Communication and indifference

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The propositional view of communication states that every literal assertoric utterance of an indicative sentence expresses a proposition, and the audience understands those utterances only if she entertains the proposition(s) the speaker expressed. According to an important objection due to Ray Buchanan, the propositional view is ill-equipped to handle meaning underdeterminacy. Using resources from situation semantics and MacFarlane's nonindexical contextualism, this article develops a view of literal communication close to the propositional view which overcomes Buchanan's underdeterminacy considerations while accounting for the kind of indifference that typically characterizes speakers' intentions.

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JournalMind and Language
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StatePublished - Feb 2021
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  • communication
  • nonindexical contextualism
  • situation semantics
  • underdeterminacy

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