Clusters and Solid Phases of the Oxovanadium - Phosphate and -Organophosphonate Systems

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A major challenge facing the synthetic inorganic chemist is the synthesis of solid materials with specifically designed properties. However, small soluble molecular building blocks with well-defined reaction chemistries which would allow low-temperature assembly into crystalline solid state inorganic materials are not well known. Low temperature strategies which show some promise for the rational design of solids include solvothermal reactions, consensation/hydrolysis, and the introduction of templates or guest molecules for the organization of more complex structures. By exploiting these techniques, the rich structural chemistries of the V/O/POJ-and related organically derivatized V/O/RPO5” systems with a variety of organic and inorganic templates have begun to emerge. Several features of this chemistry are outlined.

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JournalComments on Inorganic Chemistry
Issue number3
StatePublished - Jul 1994


  • layered solids
  • open framework solids
  • oxovanadium organophosphonate clusters and phases
  • oxovanadium phosphat phases

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