Clients improve disease prevention behaviors through lifestyle-oriented nutrition counseling provided by dietetic students and interns

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An 8-week treatment-control intervention with 6-month follow-up study determined the effectiveness of disease prevention lifestyle-oriented nutrition counseling provided by dietetic interns/students to a convenience sample of 38 executive military and 30 campus clients (52 control subjects). Repeated measures distinguished changes between and within groups on the 4 disease prevention variables: fruit intake, vegetable intake, low-fat eating, and exercise. The executive military clients significantly improved their vegetable intake and low-fat eating behaviors (P < .001). Campus clients made some changes through the counseling, however relapsed by the 6-month follow-up. Clients collaborated with their counselors to pursue a wide variety of individualized goals through this lifestyle-oriented nutrition counseling.

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JournalTopics in Clinical Nutrition
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StatePublished - Oct 2006



  • Dietetics counseling
  • Exercise
  • Fruits
  • Health promotion
  • Low-fat diet
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