CLEO III, a detector to measure rare B decays and CP violation

Sheldon Stone

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The symmetric e+e- collider CESR is undergoing a series of upgrades allowing for luminosities in excess of 2 × 1033 cm-2s-1. The most important goals of the upgrade are precision measurement of standard model parameters Vcb, Vub, Vtd Vts, fDs, and searching for CP violation and standard model violations in rare B decays. A new detector upgrade, called CLEO III, has started which includes a new silicon-wire drift chamber tracking system and a Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detector, RICH, using a LiF radiator and CH4-TEA gas based photon detector.

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JournalNuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A
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StatePublished - Dec 21 1995

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