Caregiving for Foreign-Born Older Adults With Dementia

Marc A. Garcia, Erica D. Diminich, Peiyi Lu, Sandra P. Arévalo, Linda Sayed, Randa Abdelrahim, Kristine J. Ajrouch

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OBJECTIVES: This study examines how nativity, dementia classification, and age of migration (AOM) of older foreign-born (FB) adults are associated with caregiver psychological well-being and care burden. METHODS: We used linked data from Round 1 and Round 5 of the National Health and Aging Trends Study and Round 5 of the National Study of Caregiving for a sample of nondementia caregivers (n = 941), dementia caregivers (n = 533), and matched care recipients. Ordinary least squares regression models were estimated, adjusting for caregiver characteristics. RESULTS: Relative to nondementia caregivers, dementia caregivers were more likely to provide care for an older FB adult (8.69% vs. 26.70%), reported more assistance with caregiving activities, worse quality of relationship with care recipients, and higher care burden than nondementia caregivers. In adjusted models, interactions of nativity status × dementia and AOM × dementia revealed that overall, caregivers of older FB adults with dementia who migrated in late life (50+) reported lower psychological well-being than those caring for older FB older adults who migrated at (20-49 years) and (0-19 years). Moderating effects of AOM on the link between dementia caregiving and care burden were not observed. DISCUSSION: Age of migration of older FB adults with probable dementia may have unique effects on the caregiver's psychological well-being. Our results underscore the importance of considering sociocultural factors of FB adults beyond nativity and the need for research to develop culturally appropriate interventions to enhance psychological well-being and reduce the care burden among dementia caregivers.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)S4-S14
JournalThe journals of gerontology. Series B, Psychological sciences and social sciences
StatePublished - Mar 13 2023
Externally publishedYes


  • Age of migration
  • Care burden
  • Caregiver psychological well-being
  • Foreign-born older adults

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  • Health(social science)
  • Sociology and Political Science
  • Life-span and Life-course Studies


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