Branching ratio measurements of exclusive B+ decays to charmonium with the Collider Detector at Fermilab

D. Acosta, T. Affolder, H. Akimoto, M. G. Albrow, D. Ambrose, D. Amidei, K. Anikeev, J. Antos, G. Apollinari, T. Arisawa, A. Artikov, T. Asakawa, W. Ashmanskas, F. Azfar, P. Azzi-Bacchetta, N. Bacchetta, H. Bachacou, W. Badgett, S. Bailey, P. De BarbaroA. Barbaro-Galtieri, V. E. Barnes, B. A. Barnett, S. Baroiant, M. Barone, G. Bauer, F. Bedeschi, S. Behari, S. Belforte, W. H. Bell, G. Bellettini, J. Bellinger, D. Benjamin, J. Bensinger, A. Beretvas, J. Berryhill, A. Bhatti, M. Binkley, D. Bisello, M. Bishai, R. E. Blair, C. Blocker, K. Bloom, B. Blumenfeld, S. R. Blusk, A. Bocci, A. Bodek, G. Bolla, Y. Bonushkin, D. Bortoletto, J. Boudreau, A. Brandl, C. Bromberg, M. Brozovic, E. Brubaker, N. Bruner, J. Budagov, H. S. Budd, K. Burkett, G. Busetto, K. L. Byrum, S. Cabrera, P. Calafiura, M. Campbell, W. Carithers, J. Carlson, D. Carlsmith, W. Caskey, A. Castro, D. Cauz, A. Cerri, A. W. Chan, P. S. Chang, P. T. Chang, J. Chapman, C. Chen, Y. C. Chen, M. T. Cheng, M. Chertok, G. Chiarelli, I. Chirikov-Zorin, G. Chlachidze, F. Chlebana, L. Christofek, M. L. Chu, J. Y. Chung, W. H. Chung, Y. S. Chung, C. I. Ciobanu, A. G. Clark, M. Coca, A. P. Colijn, A. Connolly, M. Convery, J. Conway, M. Cordelli, J. Cranshaw, R. Culbertson, D. Dagenhart

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We report on measurements of the branching ratios of the decays B +→χc10(1P)K+ and B + → J/ψK+ π+π-, where χc10(1P) → J/ψγ and J/ψ → μ+μ- in pp→ collisions at √s = 1.8 TeV. Using a data sample from an integrated luminosity of 110 pb-1 collected by the Collider Detector at Fermilab we measure the branching ratios to be BR(B+ → χc10(1P)K+) = 15.5±5.4(stat) ± 1.5(syst)± 1.3(br) × 10 -4 and BR(B+ →J/ψK+ π+ π-) = 6.9±1.8(stat)±1.1(syst)±0.4(br) × 10-4 where (br) is due to the finite precision on BR(B+ → J/ψK+), BR(χc10(1P) → J/ψγ) is used to normalize the signal yield, and (syst) encompasses all other systematic uncertainties.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number052005
JournalPhysical Review D
Issue number5
StatePublished - 2002
Externally publishedYes

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  • Physics and Astronomy (miscellaneous)

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