Bottom production in - Be collisions at 515 GeV/c

R. Jesik, V. Abramov, Yu Antipov, B. Baldin, R. Crittenden, L. Dauwe, C. Davis, S. Denisov, A. Dyshkant, A. Dzierba, V. Glebov, H. Goldberg, A. Gribushin, V. Koreshev, J. Krider, A. Krinitsyn, R. Li, S. Margulies, T. Marshall, J. MartinH. Mendez, A. Petrukhin, V. Sirotenko, P. Smith, J. Solomon, T. Sulanke, R. Sulyaev, F. Vaca, A. Zieminski, S. Blusk, C. Bromberg, P. Chang, B. C. Choudhary, W. H. Chung, L. De Barbaro, W. Dlugosz, J. Dunlea, E. Engels, G. Fanourakis, G. Ginther, K. Hartman, J. Huston, V. Kapoor, C. Lirakis, F. Lobkowicz, S. Mani, J. Mansour, A. Maul, R. Miller, B. Oh, E. Pothier, R. Roser, P. Shepard, D. Skow, P. Slattery, L. Sorrell, W. Toothacker, N. Varelas, D. Weerasundara, J. Whitmore, C. Yosef, M. Zielinski

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We report on a sample of J mesons coming from secondary vertices, a characteristic of heavyquark decay, detected in the Fermilab Meson West spectrometer. Based on eight signal events in which a J emerges from a secondary vertex occurring in an air-gap region, we obtain an inclusive bb cross section of 75 31 26 nb/nucleon. This result is compared to recent QCD predictions. We have also observed several events in the exclusive decay modes BJ+K and B0J+K0* in which the B mass is fully reconstructed.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)495-498
Number of pages4
JournalPhysical Review Letters
Issue number4
StatePublished - 1995
Externally publishedYes

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