Assuring Quality of Care: Nursing Home Resident Councils

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Increasing concern over the quality of care in nursing homes has prompted the National Institute of Medicine to recommend that residents have regular input into nursing home administration, primarily through the development of resident councils. Yet little is known of the effectiveness of resident councils. The literature is divided in its assessment of the potential of the institution alized to represent themselves. Rather than suggesting either that resident councils are impotent or that they are a cure-all, these data, which examine the activities and effectiveness of existing resident councils, suggest that resident councils are successful in accomplishing some but not all of their objectives, that their success is maximized when professional organizers are available to help residents overcome the many barriers they face, and that there are many institutional factors that resident councils are seldom in any position to control.

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JournalThe Journal of Applied Gerontology
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StatePublished - Mar 1991
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