Analytical determination of mixed-mode energy release rates for delamination using a crack tip element

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An analytical crack tip element is presented for the prediction of energy release rate and mode mix for delamination of laminated composites. The element may be used to represent the near-tip region of a delamination in a wide variety of structural geometries. The element equations are derived primarily using classical laminated plate theory; to obtain a singular field based mode mix decomposition, results from a single continuum analysis are also required. For those cases where a linear elastic solution predicts an oscillatory stress singularity an approximation is suggested which allows a unique, physically meaningful value of mode ratio to be defined. Use of the crack tip element and the associated approximation for mode mix decomposition is illustrated through a number of example problems.

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JournalKey Engineering Materials
StatePublished - 1996



  • Composite Materials
  • Crack Tip Element
  • Delamination
  • Delamination Buckling
  • Edge Delamination
  • Energy Release Rate
  • Fracture

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