Alkaline-earth chalcogenolates: Exploration of synthetic strategies and structural chemistry

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Alkaline-earth chalcogenolates are important precursors in a variety of technical applications and in synthetic chemistry. Until recently, however, the number of well-characterized examples of alkaline-earth chalcogenolates was very small. During the last few years, several synthetic schemes have been explored, allowing the synthesis and characterization of a collection of alkaline-earth chalcogenolates. With a small family of target molecules in hand, it is now possible to further explore their use in synthetic chemistry and as precursor materials. This article will highlight the important role of alkaline-earth chalcogenolates in a variety of applications, discuss critically different synthetic access routes in terms of accessibility, ease of reaction, yield and purity of the products, and will evaluate their structural chemistry in terms of structure-determining factors, such as type of ligand and donor, as well as the influence of the central metal and chalcogen atom.

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JournalComments on Inorganic Chemistry
Issue number6
StatePublished - Jan 1 1997


  • -Selenolates and -tellurolates
  • Alkaline-earth -thiolates
  • Structural studies
  • Synthetic and technical applications
  • Synthetic strategies

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