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  • Sexual Behaviors among War-Affected Male Youth in Sierra Leone

    DeLoach McCutcheon, K., Alleyne-Green, B., Kulick, A., Bonds Grocher, K. & Betancourt, T. S., Dec 2 2019, In: Peace and Conflict. 14 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Sexual Behaviors in Mexico: The Role of Values and Gender Across Adolescence

    Espinosa-Hernández, G., Vasilenko, S. A. & Bámaca-Colbert, M. Y., Sep 1 2016, In: Journal of Research on Adolescence. 26, 3, p. 603-609 7 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    12 Scopus citations
  • Sexual communication, satisfaction, and condom use behavior in friends with benefits and romantic partners

    Lehmiller, J. J., VanderDrift, L. E. & Kelly, J. R., Jan 1 2014, In: Journal of Sex Research. 51, 1, p. 74-85 12 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    47 Scopus citations
  • Sexual desire, moral choice, and human ends

    Thomas, L., Jun 1 2002, In: Journal of Social Philosophy. 33, 2, p. 178-192 15 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    6 Scopus citations
  • Sexual health knowledge questionnaire for HIV+ MSM

    Vanable, P. A., Brown, J. L., Carey, M. P. & Bostwick, R. A., Sep 13 2013, Handbook of Sexuality-Related Measures. Taylor and Francis, p. 388-390 3 p.

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter

    5 Scopus citations
  • Sexual hookups among college students: Sex differences in emotional reactions

    Townsend, J. M. & Wasserman, T. H., Dec 2011, In: Archives of Sexual Behavior. 40, 6, p. 1173-1181 9 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    81 Scopus citations
  • Sexual intensity of adolescents' online self-presentations: Joint contribution of identity, media consumption, and extraversion

    Bobkowski, P. S., Shafer, A. & Ortiz, R. R., May 1 2016, In: Computers in Human Behavior. 58, p. 64-74 11 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    18 Scopus citations
  • Sexuality and partner selection: Sex differences among college students

    Townsend, J. M., Sep 1993, In: Ethology and Sociobiology. 14, 5, p. 305-329 25 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    39 Scopus citations
  • Sexuality and Public Address: Rhetorical Pasts, Queer Theory, and Abraham Lincoln

    Morris III, C., 2010, The Handbook of Rhetoric and Public Address. Wiley-Blackwell, p. 388-421

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter (peer-reviewed)peer-review

    4 Scopus citations
  • Sexually dimorphic and brain region-specific transporter adaptations in system xc null mice

    Sosnoski, H. M., Sears, S. M. S., He, Y., Frare, C. & Hewett, S. J., Dec 2020, In: Neurochemistry International. 141, 104888.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    3 Scopus citations
  • Sexual minority health disparities: an examination of age-related trends across adulthood in a national cross-sectional sample

    Rice, C. E., Vasilenko, S. A., Fish, J. N. & Lanza, S. T., Mar 2019, In: Annals of Epidemiology. 31, p. 20-25 6 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    38 Scopus citations
  • Sexual orientation-based disparities in school and juvenile justice discipline: A multiple group comparison of contributing factors

    Poteat, V. P., Scheer, J. R. & Chong, E. S. K., Feb 1 2016, In: Journal of Educational Psychology. 108, 2, p. 229-241 13 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    31 Scopus citations
  • Sexual partner concurrency among STI clinic patients with a steady partner: Correlates and associations with condom use

    Senn, T. E., Carey, M. P., Vanable, P. A., Coury-Doniger, P. & Urban, M., Sep 2009, In: Sexually Transmitted Infections. 85, 5, p. 343-347 5 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    49 Scopus citations
  • Sexual partner concurrency of urban male and female STD clinic patients: A qualitative study

    Senn, T. E., Scott-Sheldon, L. A. J., Seward, D. X., Wright, E. M. & Carey, M. P., Aug 2011, In: Archives of Sexual Behavior. 40, 4, p. 775-784 10 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    29 Scopus citations
  • Sexual risk taking among young adult dual alcohol and marijuana users

    Simons, J. S., Maisto, S. A. & Wray, T. B., May 2010, In: Addictive Behaviors. 35, 5, p. 533-536 4 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    74 Scopus citations
  • Sexual selection and a secondary sexual character in two Drosophila species

    Markow, T. A., Bustoz, D. & Pitnick, S., Oct 1996, In: Animal Behaviour. 52, 4, p. 759-766 8 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    70 Scopus citations
  • Sexual violence as a mediator of sexual orientation disparities in alcohol use, suicidality, and sexual-risk behaviour among female youth

    Scheer, J. R., McConocha, E., Behari, K. & Pachankis, J. E., 2021, In: Psychology and Sexuality. 12, 1-2, p. 37-51 15 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    7 Scopus citations
  • Sex without emotional involvement: An evolutionary interpretation of sex differences

    Townsend, J. M., Apr 1 1995, In: Archives of Sexual Behavior. 24, 2, p. 173-206 34 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    88 Scopus citations
  • SGCN: A Graph Sparsifier Based on Graph Convolutional Networks

    Li, J., Zhang, T., Tian, H., Jin, S., Fardad, M. & Zafarani, R., 2020, Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining - 24th Pacific-Asia Conference, PAKDD 2020, Proceedings. Lauw, H. W., Lim, E-P., Wong, R. C-W., Ntoulas, A., Ng, S-K. & Pan, S. J. (eds.). Springer, p. 275-287 13 p. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics); vol. 12084 LNAI).

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

    Open Access
    2 Scopus citations
  • "SHA[RE]Source: Connecting, Collecting, and Creating Resource-sharing Initiatives in the Built Environment"

    Godlewski, J., Jen, A., Austodillo, E., Cloutier, R., Staton, B., Velasco, S. & Devadiga, A., 2013, In: KTISMAjournal. p. 43-50 3.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


    Monmonier, M., Jan 1 1970, In: Tijdschrift Voor Economische en Sociale Geografie. 61, 1, p. 374-378 5 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Shadow block iteration for solving linear systems obtained from wavelet transforms

    Lu, Y., Shen, L. & Xu, Y., Nov 2005, In: Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis. 19, 3, p. 359-385 27 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    11 Scopus citations
  • Shakespeare and religion

    Callaghan, D., 2001, In: Textual Practice. 15, 1, p. 1-4 4 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    7 Scopus citations
  • Shakespeare's Sonnets

    Callaghan, D., Feb 11 2008, Blackwell Publishing Ltd. 162 p.

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

    7 Scopus citations
  • Shallow foundations on frozen soil: A bibliography

    Clemence, S. P., Oct 1983, In: Journal of Geotechnical Engineering. 109, 2, p. 279 1 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Shallow stratification prevailed for ~1700 to ~1300 Ma ocean: Evidence from organic carbon isotopes in the North China Craton

    Luo, G., Junium, C. K., Kump, L. R., Huang, J., Li, C., Feng, Q., Shi, X., Bai, X. & Xie, S., Aug 15 2014, In: Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 400, p. 219-232 14 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    55 Scopus citations
  • Shallow subsurface diagenesis of Pleistocene periplatform ooze: northern Bahamas

    MULLINS, HENRY. T., WISE, SHERWOOD. W., GARDULSKI, ANNE. F., HINCHEY, EDWARD. J., MASTERS, PHILIP. M. & SIEGEL, D. I., Aug 1985, In: Sedimentology. 32, 4, p. 473-494 22 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    36 Scopus citations
  • 7 Scopus citations
  • Shallow-water onlap model for the deposition of devonian black shales in New York, USA

    Straeten, C. V., Brett, C., Baird, G., Boyer, D., Lindemann, R., Ivany, L., Over, D. J. & Witzke, B., 2019, In: Geology. 47, 12, p. e495-e495

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
    6 Scopus citations
  • Shame, Guilt, and Depressive Symptoms: A Meta-Analytic Review

    Kim, S., Thibodeau, R. & Jorgensen, R. S., Jan 2011, In: Psychological Bulletin. 137, 1, p. 68-96 29 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    445 Scopus citations
  • Shamed Into Anger? The Relation of Shame and Guilt to Anger and Self-Reported Aggression

    Tangney, J. P., Wagner, P., Fletcher, C. & Gramzow, R., Apr 1992, In: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. 62, 4, p. 669-675 7 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    556 Scopus citations
  • Shape, transverse size, and charged-hadron multiplicity of jets in pp collisions at √s = 7 TeV

    Chatrchyan, S., Khachatryan, V., Sirunyan, A. M., Tumasyan, A., Adam, W., Bergauer, T., Dragicevic, M., Erö, J., Fabjan, C., Friedl, M., Frühwirth, R., Ghete, V. M., Hammer, J., Hoch, M., Hörmann, N., Hrubec, J., Jeitler, M., Kiesenhofer, W., Krammer, M., Liko, D., & 2,231 othersMikulec, I., Pernicka, M., Rahbaran, B., Rohringer, C., Rohringer, H., Schöfbeck, R., Strauss, J., Taurok, A., Teischinger, F., Wagner, P., Waltenberger, W., Walzel, G., Widl, E., Wulz, C. E., Mossolov, V., Shumeiko, N., Suarez Gonzalez, J., Bansal, S., Benucci, L., De Wolf, E. A., Janssen, X., Luyckx, S., Maes, T., Mucibello, L., Ochesanu, S., Roland, B., Rougny, R., Selvaggi, M., Van Haevermaet, H., Van Mechelen, P., Van Remortel, N., Van Spilbeeck, A., Blekman, F., Blyweert, S., D'Hondt, J., Gonzalez Suarez, R., Kalogeropoulos, A., Maes, M., Olbrechts, A., Van Doninck, W., Van Mulders, P., Van Onsem, G. P., Villella, I., Charaf, O., Clerbaux, B., De Lentdecker, G., Dero, V., Gay, A. P. R., Hammad, G. H., Hreus, T., Léonard, A., Marage, P. E., Thomas, L., Vander Velde, C., Vanlaer, P., Wickens, J., Adler, V., Beernaert, K., Cimmino, A., Costantini, S., Grunewald, M., Klein, B., Lellouch, J., Marinov, A., McCartin, J., Ryckbosch, D., Strobbe, N., Thyssen, F., Tytgat, M., Vanelderen, L., Verwilligen, P., Walsh, S., Zaganidis, N., Basegmez, S., Bruno, G., Caudron, J., Ceard, L., De Favereau De Jeneret, J., Delaere, C., Favart, D., Forthomme, L., Giammanco, A., Grégoire, G., Hollar, J., Lemaitre, V., Liao, J., Militaru, O., Nuttens, C., Pagano, D., Pin, A., Piotrzkowski, K., Schul, N., Beliy, N., Caebergs, T., Daubie, E., Alves, G. A., De Jesus Damiao, D., Pol, M. E., Souza, M. H. G., Aldá, W. L., Carvalho, W., Custódio, A., Da Costa, E. M., De Oliveira Martins, C., Fonseca De Souza, S., Matos Figueiredo, D., Mundim, L., Nogima, H., Oguri, V., Prado Da Silva, W. L., Santoro, A., Silva Do Amaral, S. M., Sznajder, A., Anjos, T. S., Bernardes, C. A., Dias, F. A., Fernandez Perez Tomei, T. 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A., Finger, M., Finger, M., Assran, Y., Ellithi Kamel, A., Khalil, S., Mahmoud, M. A., Radi, A., Hektor, A., Kadastik, M., Müntel, M., Raidal, M., Rebane, L., Tiko, A., Azzolini, V., Eerola, P., Fedi, G., Voutilainen, M., Czellar, S., Härkönen, J., Heikkinen, A., Karimäki, V., Kinnunen, R., Kortelainen, M. J., Lampén, T., Lassila-Perini, K., Lehti, S., Lindén, T., Luukka, P., Mäenpää, T., Tuominen, E., Tuominiemi, J., Tuovinen, E., Ungaro, D., Wendland, L., Banzuzi, K., Karjalainen, A., Korpela, A., Tuuva, T., Sillou, D., Besancon, M., Choudhury, S., Dejardin, M., Denegri, D., Fabbro, B., Faure, J. 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G., Barone, L., Cavallari, F., Del Re, D., Diemoz, M., Franci, D., Grassi, M., Longo, E., Meridiani, P., Nourbakhsh, S., Organtini, G., Pandolfi, F., Paramatti, R., Rahatlou, S., Sigamani, M., Amapane, N., Arcidiacono, R., Argiro, S., Arneodo, M., Biino, C., Botta, C., Cartiglia, N., Castello, R., Costa, M., Demaria, N., Graziano, A., Mariotti, C., Maselli, S., Migliore, E., Monaco, V., Musich, M., Obertino, M. M., Pastrone, N., Pelliccioni, M., Potenza, A., Romero, A., Ruspa, M., Sacchi, R., Sola, V., Solano, A., Staiano, A., Vilela Pereira, A., Belforte, S., Cossutti, F., Della Ricca, G., Gobbo, B., Marone, M., Montanino, D., Penzo, A., Heo, S. G., Nam, S. K., Chang, S., Chung, J., Kim, D. H., Kim, G. N., Kim, J. E., Kong, D. J., Park, H., Ro, S. R., Son, D. C., Son, T., Kim, J. Y., Kim, Z. J., Song, S., Jo, H. Y., Choi, S., Gyun, D., Hong, B., Jo, M., Kim, H., Kim, T. J., Lee, K. S., Moon, D. H., Park, S. K., Seo, E., Sim, K. S., Choi, M., Kang, S., Kim, H., Kim, J. H., Park, C., Park, I. C., Park, S., Ryu, G., Cho, Y., Choi, Y., Choi, Y. K., Goh, J., Kim, M. S., Lee, B., Lee, J., Lee, S., Seo, H., Yu, I., Bilinskas, M. J., Grigelionis, I., Janulis, M., Martisiute, D., Petrov, P., Polujanskas, M., Sabonis, T., Castilla-Valdez, H., De La Cruz-Burelo, E., Heredia-De La Cruz, I., Lopez-Fernandez, R., Magaña Villalba, R., Martínez-Ortega, J., Sánchez-Hernández, A., Villasenor-Cendejas, L. M., Carrillo Moreno, S., Vazquez Valencia, F., Salazar Ibarguen, H. A., Casimiro Linares, E., Morelos Pineda, A., Reyes-Santos, M. A., Krofcheck, D., Tam, J., Bell, A. J., Butler, P. H., Doesburg, R., Reucroft, S., Silverwood, H., Ahmad, M., Asghar, M. I., Hoorani, H. R., Khalid, S., Khan, W. A., Khurshid, T., Qazi, S., Shah, M. A., Shoaib, M., Brona, G., Cwiok, M., Dominik, W., Doroba, K., Kalinowski, A., Konecki, M., Krolikowski, J., Bialkowska, H., Boimska, B., Frueboes, T., Gokieli, R., Górski, M., Kazana, M., Nawrocki, K., Romanowska-Rybinska, K., Szleper, M., Wrochna, G., Zalewski, P., Almeida, N., Bargassa, P., David, A., Faccioli, P., Ferreira Parracho, P. G., Gallinaro, M., Musella, P., Nayak, A., Pela, J., Ribeiro, P. Q., Seixas, J., Varela, J., Afanasiev, S., Belotelov, I., Bunin, P., Gavrilenko, M., Golutvin, I., Gorbunov, I., Karjavin, V., Konoplyanikov, V., Kozlov, G., Lanev, A., Moisenz, P., Palichik, V., Perelygin, V., Shmatov, S., Smirnov, V., Volodko, A., Zarubin, A., Evstyukhin, S., Golovtsov, V., Ivanov, Y., Kim, V., Levchenko, P., Murzin, V., Oreshkin, V., Smirnov, I., Sulimov, V., Uvarov, L., Vavilov, S., Vorobyev, A., Vorobyev, A., Andreev, Y., Dermenev, A., Gninenko, S., Golubev, N., Kirsanov, M., Krasnikov, N., Matveev, V., Pashenkov, A., Toropin, A., Troitsky, S., Epshteyn, V., Erofeeva, M., Gavrilov, V., Kossov, M., Krokhotin, A., Lychkovskaya, N., Popov, V., Safronov, G., Semenov, S., Stolin, V., Vlasov, E., Zhokin, A., Belyaev, A., Boos, E., Dubinin, M., Dudko, L., Ershov, A., Gribushin, A., Kodolova, O., Lokhtin, I., Markina, A., Obraztsov, S., Perfilov, M., Petrushanko, S., Sarycheva, L., Savrin, V., Snigirev, A., Andreev, V., Azarkin, M., Dremin, I., Kirakosyan, M., Leonidov, A., Mesyats, G., Rusakov, S. V., Vinogradov, A., Azhgirey, I., Bayshev, I., Bitioukov, S., Grishin, V., Kachanov, V., Konstantinov, D., Korablev, A., Krychkine, V., Petrov, V., Ryutin, R., Sobol, A., Tourtchanovitch, L., Troshin, S., Tyurin, N., Uzunian, A., Volkov, A., Adzic, P., Djordjevic, M., Ekmedzic, M., Krpic, D., Milosevic, J., Aguilar-Benitez, M., Alcaraz Maestre, J., Arce, P., Battilana, C., Calvo, E., Cerrada, M., Chamizo Llatas, M., Colino, N., De La Cruz, B., Delgado Peris, A., Diez Pardos, C., Domínguez Vázquez, D., Fernandez Bedoya, C., Fernández Ramos, J. P., Ferrando, A., Flix, J., Fouz, M. C., Garcia-Abia, P., Gonzalez Lopez, O., Goy Lopez, S., Hernandez, J. M., Josa, M. I., Merino, G., Puerta Pelayo, J., Redondo, I., Romero, L., Santaolalla, J., Soares, M. S., Willmott, C., Albajar, C., Codispoti, G., De Trocóniz, J. F., Cuevas, J., Fernandez Menendez, J., Folgueras, S., Gonzalez Caballero, I., Lloret Iglesias, L., Vizan Garcia, J. M., Brochero Cifuentes, J. A., Cabrillo, I. J., Calderon, A., Chuang, S. H., Duarte Campderros, J., Felcini, M., Fernandez, M., Gomez, G., Gonzalez Sanchez, J., Jorda, C., Lobelle Pardo, P., Lopez Virto, A., Marco, J., Marco, R., Martinez Rivero, C., Matorras, F., Munoz Sanchez, F. J., Piedra Gomez, J., Rodrigo, T., Rodríguez-Marrero, A. Y., Ruiz-Jimeno, A., Scodellaro, L., Sobron Sanudo, M., Vila, I., Vilar Cortabitarte, R., Abbaneo, D., Auffray, E., Auzinger, G., Baillon, P., Ball, A. H., Barney, D., Bernet, C., Bialas, W., Bloch, P., Bocci, A., Breuker, H., Bunkowski, K., Camporesi, T., Cerminara, G., Christiansen, T., Coarasa Perez, J. A., Curé, B., D'Enterria, D., De Roeck, A., Di Guida, S., Dobson, M., Dupont-Sagorin, N., Elliott-Peisert, A., Frisch, B., Funk, W., Gaddi, A., Georgiou, G., Gerwig, H., Giffels, M., Gigi, D., Gill, K., Giordano, D., Giunta, M., Glege, F., Gomez-Reino Garrido, R., Gouzevitch, M., Govoni, P., Gowdy, S., Guida, R., Guiducci, L., Gundacker, S., Hansen, M., Hartl, C., Harvey, J., Hegeman, J., Hegner, B., Hoffmann, H. F., Innocente, V., Janot, P., Kaadze, K., Karavakis, E., Lecoq, P., Lenzi, P., Lourenço, C., Mäki, T., Malberti, M., Malgeri, L., Mannelli, M., Masetti, L., Mavromanolakis, G., Meijers, F., Mersi, S., Meschi, E., Moser, R., Mozer, M. U., Mulders, M., Nesvold, E., Nguyen, M., Orimoto, T., Orsini, L., Palencia Cortezon, E., Perez, E., Petrilli, A., Pfeiffer, A., Pierini, M., Pimiä, M., Piparo, D., Polese, G., Quertenmont, L., Racz, A., Reece, W., Rodrigues Antunes, J., Rolandi, G., Rommerskirchen, T., Rovelli, C., Rovere, M., Sakulin, H., Santanastasio, F., Schäfer, C., Schwick, C., Segoni, I., Sharma, A., Siegrist, P., Silva, P., Simon, M., Sphicas, P., Spiga, D., Spiropulu, M., Stoye, M., Tsirou, A., Vichoudis, P., Wöhri, H. K., Worm, S. D., Zeuner, W. D., Bertl, W., Deiters, K., Erdmann, W., Gabathuler, K., Horisberger, R., Ingram, Q., Kaestli, H. C., König, S., Kotlinski, D., Langenegger, U., Meier, F., Renker, D., Rohe, T., Sibille, J., Bäni, L., Bortignon, P., Casal, B., Chanon, N., Chen, Z., Cittolin, S., Deisher, A., Dissertori, G., Dittmar, M., Eugster, J., Freudenreich, K., Grab, C., Lecomte, P., Lustermann, W., Marchica, C., Martinez Ruiz Del Arbol, P., Milenovic, P., Mohr, N., Moortgat, F., Nägeli, C., Nef, P., Nessi-Tedaldi, F., Pape, L., Pauss, F., Peruzzi, M., Ronga, F. J., Rossini, M., Sala, L., Sanchez, A. K., Sawley, M. C., Starodumov, A., Stieger, B., Takahashi, M., Tauscher, L., Thea, A., Theofilatos, K., Treille, D., Urscheler, C., Wallny, R., Weber, H. A., Wehrli, L., Weng, J., Aguilo, E., Amsler, C., Chiochia, V., De Visscher, S., Favaro, C., Ivova Rikova, M., Millan Mejias, B., Otiougova, P., Robmann, P., Schmidt, A., Snoek, H., Verzetti, M., Chang, Y. H., Chen, K. H., Kuo, C. M., Li, S. W., Lin, W., Liu, Z. K., Lu, Y. J., Mekterovic, D., Volpe, R., Yu, S. S., Bartalini, P., Chang, P., Chang, Y. H., Chang, Y. W., Chao, Y., Chen, K. F., Dietz, C., Grundler, U., Hou, W. S., Hsiung, Y., Kao, K. Y., Lei, Y. J., Lu, R. S., Shiu, J. G., Tzeng, Y. M., Wan, X., Wang, M., Adiguzel, A., Bakirci, M. N., Cerci, S., Dozen, C., Dumanoglu, I., Eskut, E., Girgis, S., Gokbulut, G., Hos, I., Kangal, E. E., Kayis Topaksu, A., Onengut, G., Ozdemir, K., Ozturk, S., Polatoz, A., Sogut, K., Sunar Cerci, D., Tali, B., Topakli, H., Uzun, D., Vergili, L. N., Vergili, M., Akin, I. V., Aliev, T., Bilin, B., Bilmis, S., Deniz, M., Gamsizkan, H., Guler, A. M., Ocalan, K., Ozpineci, A., Serin, M., Sever, R., Surat, U. E., Yalvac, M., Yildirim, E., Zeyrek, M., Deliomeroglu, M., Gülmez, E., Isildak, B., Kaya, M., Kaya, O., Özbek, M., Ozkorucuklu, S., Sonmez, N., Levchuk, L., Bostock, F., Brooke, J. J., Clement, E., Cussans, D., Frazier, R., Goldstein, J., Grimes, M., Heath, G. P., Heath, H. F., Kreczko, L., Metson, S., Newbold, D. M., Nirunpong, K., Poll, A., Senkin, S., Smith, V. J., Basso, L., Bell, K. W., Belyaev, A., Brew, C., Brown, R. M., Camanzi, B., Cockerill, D. J. A., Coughlan, J. A., Harder, K., Harper, S., Jackson, J., Kennedy, B. W., Olaiya, E., Petyt, D., Radburn-Smith, B. C., Shepherd-Themistocleous, C. H., Tomalin, I. R., Womersley, W. J., Bainbridge, R., Ball, G., Beuselinck, R., Buchmuller, O., Colling, D., Cripps, N., Cutajar, M., Dauncey, P., Davies, G., Della Negra, M., Ferguson, W., Fulcher, J., Futyan, D., Gilbert, A., Guneratne Bryer, A., Hall, G., Hatherell, Z., Hays, J., Iles, G., Jarvis, M., Karapostoli, G., Lyons, L., Magnan, A. M., Marrouche, J., Mathias, B., Nandi, R., Nash, J., Nikitenko, A., Papageorgiou, A., Pesaresi, M., Petridis, K., Pioppi, M., Raymond, D. M., Rogerson, S., Rompotis, N., Rose, A., Ryan, M. J., Seez, C., Sharp, P., Sparrow, A., Tapper, A., Tourneur, S., Vazquez Acosta, M., Virdee, T., Wakefield, S., Wardle, N., Wardrope, D., Whyntie, T., Barrett, M., Chadwick, M., Cole, J. E., Hobson, P. R., Khan, A., Kyberd, P., Leslie, D., Martin, W., Reid, I. D., Teodorescu, L., Hatakeyama, K., Liu, H., Scarborough, T., Henderson, C., Avetisyan, A., Bose, T., Carrera Jarrin, E., Fantasia, C., Heister, A., St. John, J., Lawson, P., Lazic, D., Rohlf, J., Sperka, D., Sulak, L., Bhattacharya, S., Cutts, D., Ferapontov, A., Heintz, U., Jabeen, S., Kukartsev, G., Landsberg, G., Luk, M., Narain, M., Nguyen, D., Segala, M., Sinthuprasith, T., Speer, T., Tsang, K. V., Breedon, R., Breto, G., Calderon De La Barca Sanchez, M., Chauhan, S., Chertok, M., Conway, J., Conway, R., Cox, P. T., Dolen, J., Erbacher, R., Houtz, R., Ko, W., Kopecky, A., Lander, R., Mall, O., Maruyama, S., Miceli, T., Pellett, D., Robles, J., Rutherford, B., Searle, M., Smith, J., Squires, M., Tripathi, M., Vasquez Sierra, R., Andreev, V., Arisaka, K., Cline, D., Cousins, R., Duris, J., Erhan, S., Everaerts, P., Farrell, C., Hauser, J., Ignatenko, M., Jarvis, C., Plager, C., Rakness, G., Schlein, P., Tucker, J., Valuev, V., Weber, M., Babb, J., Clare, R., Ellison, J., Gary, J. W., Giordano, F., Hanson, G., Jeng, G. Y., Kao, S. C., Liu, H., Long, O. R., Luthra, A., Nguyen, H., Paramesvaran, S., Sturdy, J., Sumowidagdo, S., Wilken, R., Wimpenny, S., Andrews, W., Branson, J. G., Cerati, G. B., Evans, D., Golf, F., Holzner, A., Kelley, R., Lebourgeois, M., Letts, J., Mangano, B., Padhi, S., Palmer, C., Petrucciani, G., Pi, H., Pieri, M., Ranieri, R., Sani, M., Sfiligoi, I., Sharma, V., Simon, S., Sudano, E., Tadel, M., Tu, Y., Vartak, A., Wasserbaech, S., Würthwein, F., Yagil, A., Yoo, J., Barge, D., Bellan, R., Campagnari, C., D'Alfonso, M., Danielson, T., Flowers, K., Geffert, P., George, C., Incandela, J., Justus, C., Kalavase, P., Koay, S. A., Kovalskyi, D., Krutelyov, V., Lowette, S., McColl, N., Mullin, S. D., Pavlunin, V., Rebassoo, F., Ribnik, J., Richman, J., Rossin, R., Stuart, D., To, W., Vlimant, J. R., West, C., Apresyan, A., Bornheim, A., Bunn, J., Chen, Y., Di Marco, E., Duarte, J., Gataullin, M., Ma, Y., Mott, A., Newman, H. B., Rogan, C., Timciuc, V., Traczyk, P., Veverka, J., Wilkinson, R., Yang, Y., Zhu, R. Y., Akgun, B., Carroll, R., Ferguson, T., Iiyama, Y., Jang, D. W., Jun, S. Y., Liu, Y. F., Paulini, M., Russ, J., Vogel, H., Vorobiev, I., Cumalat, J. P., Dinardo, M. E., Drell, B. R., Edelmaier, C. J., Ford, W. T., Gaz, A., Heyburn, B., Luiggi Lopez, E., Nauenberg, U., Smith, J. G., Stenson, K., Ulmer, K. A., Wagner, S. R., Zang, S. L., Agostino, L., Alexander, J., Chatterjee, A., Eggert, N., Gibbons, L. K., Heltsley, B., Hopkins, W., Khukhunaishvili, A., Kreis, B., Nicolas Kaufman, G., Patterson, J. R., Puigh, D., Ryd, A., Salvati, E., Shi, X., Sun, W., Teo, W. D., Thom, J., Thompson, J., Vaughan, J., Weng, Y., Winstrom, L., Wittich, P., Biselli, A., Cirino, G., Winn, D., Abdullin, S., Albrow, M., Anderson, J., Apollinari, G., Atac, M., Bakken, J. A., Bauerdick, L. A. T., Beretvas, A., Berryhill, J., Bhat, P. C., Bloch, I., Burkett, K., Butler, J. N., Chetluru, V., Cheung, H. W. K., Chlebana, F., Cihangir, S., Cooper, W., Eartly, D. P., Elvira, V. D., Esen, S., Fisk, I., Freeman, J., Gao, Y., Gottschalk, E., Green, D., Gutsche, O., Hanlon, J., Harris, R. M., Hirschauer, J., Hooberman, B., Jensen, H., Jindariani, S., Johnson, M., Joshi, U., Klima, B., Kousouris, K., Kunori, S., Kwan, S., Leonidopoulos, C., Lincoln, D., Lipton, R., Lykken, J., Maeshima, K., Marraffino, J. M., Mason, D., McBride, P., Miao, T., Mishra, K., Mrenna, S., Musienko, Y., Newman-Holmes, C., O'Dell, V., Pivarski, J., Pordes, R., Prokofyev, O., Schwarz, T., Sexton-Kennedy, E., Sharma, S., Spalding, W. J., Spiegel, L., Tan, P., Taylor, L., Tkaczyk, S., Uplegger, L., Vaandering, E. W., Vidal, R., Whitmore, J., Wu, W., Yang, F., Yumiceva, F., Yun, J. C., Acosta, D., Avery, P., Bourilkov, D., Chen, M., Das, S., De Gruttola, M., Di Giovanni, G. P., Dobur, D., Drozdetskiy, A., Field, R. D., Fisher, M., Fu, Y., Furic, I. K., Gartner, J., Goldberg, S., Hugon, J., Kim, B., Konigsberg, J., Korytov, A., Kropivnitskaya, A., Kypreos, T., Low, J. F., Matchev, K., Mitselmakher, G., Muniz, L., Park, M., Remington, R., Rinkevicius, A., Schmitt, M., Scurlock, B., Sellers, P., Skhirtladze, N., Snowball, M., Wang, D., Yelton, J., Zakaria, M., Gaultney, V., Lebolo, L. M., Linn, S., Markowitz, P., Martinez, G., Rodriguez, J. L., Adams, T., Askew, A., Bochenek, J., Chen, J., Diamond, B., Gleyzer, S. V., Haas, J., Hagopian, S., Hagopian, V., Jenkins, M., Johnson, K. F., Prosper, H., Sekmen, S., Veeraraghavan, V., Baarmand, M. M., Dorney, B., Hohlmann, M., Kalakhety, H., Vodopiyanov, I., Adams, M. R., Anghel, I. M., Apanasevich, L., Bai, Y., Bazterra, V. E., Betts, R. R., Callner, J., Cavanaugh, R., Dragoiu, C., Gauthier, L., Gerber, C. E., Hofman, D. J., Khalatyan, S., Kunde, G. J., Lacroix, F., Malek, M., O'Brien, C., Silkworth, C., Silvestre, C., Strom, D., Varelas, N., Akgun, U., Albayrak, E. A., Bilki, B., Clarida, W., Duru, F., Griffiths, S., Lae, C. K., McCliment, E., Merlo, J. P., Mermerkaya, H., Mestvirishvili, A., Moeller, A., Nachtman, J., Newsom, C. R., Norbeck, E., Olson, J., Onel, Y., Ozok, F., Sen, S., Tiras, E., Wetzel, J., Yetkin, T., Yi, K., Barnett, B. A., Blumenfeld, B., Bolognesi, S., Bonato, A., Eskew, C., Fehling, D., Giurgiu, G., Gritsan, A. V., Guo, Z. J., Hu, G., Maksimovic, P., Rappoccio, S., Swartz, M., Tran, N. V., Whitbeck, A., Baringer, P., Bean, A., Benelli, G., Grachov, O., Kenny, R. P., Murray, M., Noonan, D., Sanders, S., Stringer, R., Wood, J. S., Zhukova, V., Barfuss, A. F., Bolton, T., Chakaberia, I., Ivanov, A., Khalil, S., Makouski, M., Maravin, Y., Shrestha, S., Svintradze, I., Gronberg, J., Lange, D., Wright, D., Baden, A., Boutemeur, M., Calvert, B., Eno, S. C., Gomez, J. A., Hadley, N. J., Kellogg, R. G., Kirn, M., Lu, Y., Mignerey, A. C., Peterman, A., Rossato, K., Rumerio, P., Skuja, A., Temple, J., Tonjes, M. B., Tonwar, S. C., Twedt, E., Alver, B., Bauer, G., Bendavid, J., Busza, W., Butz, E., Cali, I. A., Chan, M., Dutta, V., Gomez Ceballos, G., Goncharov, M., Hahn, K. A., Harris, P., Kim, Y., Klute, M., Lee, Y. J., Li, W., Luckey, P. D., Ma, T., Nahn, S., Paus, C., Ralph, D., Roland, C., Roland, G., Rudolph, M., Stephans, G. S. F., Stöckli, F., Sumorok, K., Sung, K., Velicanu, D., Wenger, E. A., Wolf, R., Wyslouch, B., Xie, S., Yang, M., Yilmaz, Y., Yoon, A. S., Zanetti, M., Cooper, S. I., Cushman, P., Dahmes, B., De Benedetti, A., Franzoni, G., Gude, A., Haupt, J., Klapoetke, K., Kubota, Y., Mans, J., Pastika, N., Rekovic, V., Rusack, R., Sasseville, M., Singovsky, A., Tambe, N., Turkewitz, J., Cremaldi, L. M., Godang, R., Kroeger, R., Perera, L., Rahmat, R., Sanders, D. A., Summers, D., Avdeeva, E., Bloom, K., Bose, S., Butt, J., Claes, D. R., Dominguez, A., Eads, M., Jindal, P., Keller, J., Kravchenko, I., Lazo-Flores, J., Malbouisson, H., Malik, S., Snow, G. 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