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Training Program

Russell, M.

Brazilian Association of Business Communication


Project: Research project

Indonesian Doctoral Internship Program

Doughty, P.

Universitas Negeri Jakarta


Project: Research project

2007 Anaren Renaissance Internship Program

Arvas, E.

Anaren Microwave, Inc.


Project: Research project

Symfony Video Project

Covell, A.

Central New York Community Foundation, Inc.


Project: Research project

Syracuse Campus-Community Entrepreneurship Initiative

Bakke, K., Beffel, A., Cowart, L., Czerniak, J., Davis, J., DeMuth, R., Dischiave, D., Dischiave, S., Dotger, B., Enchautegui-de-Jesus, N., Faiola, N., Heckman, D., Hughto, M., Isik, C., Keller, J., Kingma, B., Lipson, E., McKnight, L. W., Miyasaki, N., Padgett, W., Ray, R., Rezak, D., Robinson, J. A., Rubin, J., Strempel, E., Venkatesh, M. & Winkler, A.

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation


Project: Research project

The Structural and Functional Basis of MLL SET Domain Regulation.

Cosgrove, M.

March of Dimes


Project: Research project

Intergovernmental Personnel Act Assignment Agreement

Weiss, V.

Department of the Army


Project: Research project